Mutated Warrior of Chaos

This little fellow is the first miniature i want to use in my future army of Warriors of Chaos. For the standard chaos warrior is a rather boring miniature, i decided to add a few “upgrades” to him – for who could withstand the blessings of the dark gods?

The eye and the halberd were made of green stuff, the base is scratch-built. I’m still undecided which colour his armour will get – either a pale marble (fitting to all gods) or a nice rusty armour, more suiting to Grandfather Nurgle. But the Warriors are rather down on my “to do” list, they will have to stay behind my Ogres and Dwarves. But perhaps i will paint this nice guy in summer, just for amusement.



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One response to “Mutated Warrior of Chaos

  1. Looking forward to see the paint job you do. I’ve got a Khorne themed Warriors of Chaos army (posted on my blog). They are so much fun to play and you can completely obliterate other people’s armies. Keep up the good work 😉

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