Problems finding a proper blog title

Hello world.

As every new blog is something special, it deserves a decent and nice title, something remarkable and memorable. Something which describes and focuses the subjects of the new (and hopefully interesting) blog.

For me, it took quite a few days to the final name “austrohammer”, a combination of the origin of its writer, Austria, and the topic of the blog, Warhammer. But this title was not favourite to me, for there were several other names thinkable.

I would have preferred something relating to my oldest pseudonoyme, “Tanzbär” (dancing bear) in the largest austrian tabletop forum, the “Festung” (the Fortress: Sadly, the name “dancing bear” was preoccupied by a porn site (seriously, who could have guessed?), while the german alternative leads to an austrian folk band. So i had to find something more individual, and henceforth came to the combination “austrohammer”, which was only used by an anti-american poster on the newspaper So i hope that “austrohammer” is unique enough.

So, after all this babbling, what will you find on this blog? Mostly, i will blog about my experiences playing Warhammer in Austria (but there will be reports of games in other countries surely). I will report about single plays and tournaments i participate. I hope you will enjoy my reports and stay tuned.


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