Painting a Ninja Maneater

This lad is the newest paint job for my Ogre army. I used Games Workshop colours, a white undercoat, and just one layer and washed the whole thing with “Ogryn Flesh”. The included colours were Iyaniden Darksun and Red Gore (trousers), Snakebite Leather (shirt), Chainmail and Dwarf Bronze (metal parts), Chaos Black, Kommando Khaki (bandages), Vermin Brown and Dwarf Flesh (obviously the skin parts).

Although I don’t really enjoy painting (for I find it rather boring compared to playing), I’m quite content with the result. The final Ogre will have to get a decent basing, but I think I will wait until the whole army is ready for it. Until now, I’m quite not sure how the army will be based, perhaps a grassland or rubble basing.

So, with the Ninja Maneater completed, the growing horde consists of:


3 Maneaters (Pirate, Ninja, Arabian)
2 Ironguts
3 Sabertooths

The next modeling/painting job will be something with two horns, so stay tuned.


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