The growing horde

Here I present to you the painted part of my growing Ogre tribe. Due to other obligations, i had little to no time for painting in the last months. Hopefully, my lads will get new reinforcements sooner than later.

The first unit fitting to Army buildung rules – three Maneaters in a very “light” tone. I used white primer, then added just one layer of colour on the miniature, then finished the whole paintjob with a Wash – Ogryn Flesh, of course. I really hope that the new “Shade” Reikland Fleshshade will do the same job than the Wash Ogryn Flesh, but we will see. Until then, i will have to consume the old stuff.

I tried to get a “rusty” and at least partially realistic tone for the metal parts with painting first in Mithril Silver and then overbrushing with Dwarf Bronze.

The next miniature waiting on the paining desk is a Firebelly (half-finished at the moment), so stay tuned!


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