Ironblaster Sidewinder

Just a little work-in-progress update from my workbench. As I am still building an Ogre army, I couldn’t wait to build this nice piece of Ogre craftmanship. Sadly, altough the cannon has great rules, the model isn’t really easy to build. In a mixture of inability and insanity, I decided to forget the Howdah on which the cannon is originally mounted and do something very own. Thankfully, the Gnoblars who would have build the construction, are well known for their genius when it comes to improvisation. And so, I can present you an Ironblaster you have never seen before:



As you can see, the Howdah was completely cancelled and replaced with a big rope made of Green Stuff. The Rhinox got a patch on its left eye due to the shells and fire bursting in its near (and because I didn’t want to paint an eye that hidden, of course).




I still have much to sculpt with this model (especially the open gaps everywhere), but I’m also glad that I can field this nice cannon with a proper miniature (if you have read the battle reports with my Ogres, you can see how I substituted the Ironblaster with just the cannon lying on the base) now.


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