Dwarfebruary – Champion

It’s February. Time for Dwarfes.

As the new Dwarf edition is coming it’s way this month, I thought it would be a nice occasion to get some Dwarfes painted. Most of them have waited for years to get their colours,but now is the time to clad them in decent paint. Besides, some old painted miniatures will be repainted to a better, higher standard.

This month starts with a special miniature I had to lay my hands on – a simpla Champion. He can be either a Thain or a mere unit champion. I especially like his pipe (an addiction I occasionally share with him) and his calm, stoic attitude.



While painting, I had to realize that black is not the best of choices for a Champion’s beard. As the beard is such a massive part of the Dwarf, it really darkens the whole tone of the miniature. While that is a lesser problem with regiment infantry, it’s not the best if you want an eyecatcher.

As you can clearly see, the next, more foolish mistake was the choice of colour for his cloak. In combination with the black beard, the whole left side was way too dark and shadowed with this kind of blue. To repair this accident, I had to lighten the whole cloak a little bit up to make it possible to see any difference between his hair and his clothing.


My mobile painting station, with the next miniatures waiting to get their colours.

The Champions backside, lightened up.


Hope you enjoyed the process of painting this fine lad. It took me about one hour to suit up this miniature, time well spent I think. After a long period of abstinence to pencils and inks, finally I enjoyed painting in 28 millimeters again.


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