Dwarves vs. Wood Elves – no restrictions

2.500 points, no restrictions.

No. Restrictions.

Being used to tournament warhammer, which always means army restrictions in some way, i was surprised that smaug, a member of my local gaming club wanted to field his Wood Elves in a battle with no limitations other than the core rules. Well, as this would be a rare chance to abuse the possibilities of the new Dwarfes, i was very excited to play. I also looked forward to play against him because he is a torunament-hardened veteran who was skilled in the rules (so i wouldn’t have to look for myself, if i had a rule question). Also, he is the player who fielded Ogres and Dark Elves.

The Army lists

Shooty or Bashy? As i see it, the liquidation of the anvil from the old book and the cancellation of the “You have to attack me” rune leads to a simple build-up against Wood Elves. As you can’t catch them with a movement of 3 (and i’ve played enough battles against Empire where the Dwarves had to storm and ended in the humans deployment zone), so you have to out-shoot them. The new sweet organ guns with a ballistic skill of 5 (with Machinist and rune) and the now playable flame cannon (Woooosh!) should deal with everything sneaky, while the spear gun should be a nasty blocker against any eagle or falcon on the horizont.

As the new Dwarves got a little malus in their possibilities to ban hostile magic (judged from their options in the last book), a single runesmith with his banning rune was kind of risky, but sadly, nothing more was affordable.

Runesmith, Rune of Banning
Master Machinist (with the Organ Gun)
Master Machinist (with the Organ Gun)
Crossbowers Great Weapon, full Command
Crossbowers Great Weapon, full Command
5 Slayers, 4 Giant Slayers
Spear Thrower, Rune of Flakkson and Burning 
Spear Thrower
Stone Thrower, Rune of Penetrance, Accuracy and Smithing
Stone Thrower, Rune of Penetrance and Accuracy
Flame Cannon
Organ Gun, Rune of Smithing and Accuracy
Organ Gun, Rune of Smithing and Burning

Mage Level 4, Lore of Dark Elves (how on earth is that possible by the Fluff?)
Mage Level 2, Lore of Shadow
Battle Standard Bearer
Hero Bow of Athel Loren
two small units of Bowmen, covering the heroes
fat unit of Falcons
one small unit of Wild Hunt
one big unit of Elk Riders
10 Snipers
a unit of Riders, coming from behind

The game can be summarized as a great shootout. While i was able to dezimize the fastest elements of the Wood Elves, smaug was very good in combining the nasty spells of his magicians to support his melee and shooting troops.

DSC07603 DSC07605 DSC07606 DSC07609 DSC07610 DSC07611 DSC07613

The battle turned when the scouting riders were shot down by the remnants of the Dwarven artillery. So, the artillery was saved (which surely would have caused great losses). I was also very lucky with my artillery dice (and the accurate hits on the Wood Elves units).

Finally, a several years old trauma caused by the Wood Elves from the sixth edition (the one with the woods you could hide in) was kind of solved and i was able to celebrate a light victory against a great and kind opponent and gamer. Thanks, smaug. Any time again.


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