Back to 15 mm’s – Introducing the Pionierkompanie

For Warhammer is about to literally face its End Times and I therefore had no decent motivation for painting Warhammer Miniatures in the near future (although I’ll surely continue, yet don’t know when), I decided to use my painting motivation to at least finish some other paint jobs I have avoided to work on for far too long. I decided to finally give my collection of Flames of War Germans the attention they clearly deserve and to (hopefully) finish to paint at least one company this year.

I will start with my pioneers, then move on with the tanks and eventually will finish with the Fallschirmjäger (parachute light infantry). The pioneers were given the honour to be first mostly because their PDF is free on  the FoW website and their interesting platoon composition with flame-throwers and Goliaths. Also, being engineers, I could add some nice gimmicks like barbed wire, broken infrastructure parts and defoliated trees to the infantry bases.


I started with a Command Pioneer Panzerfaust SMG Team. Sadly, the sand I tried to add to the base was a little… volatile and didn’t want to stay on the spots I wanted him to be. So the sand poured over the whole base which I had not intended.

DSC08580 DSC08581 DSC08583

In this painting project, I changed my usual metal colour from a light bronze to a much darker tone (from Dwarf Bronze to Warplock Bronze from Games Workshop). This had to be because GW doesn’t produce Dwarf Bronze any more.

As usual, I used a combination of GW and Vallejo colours on the models.


I tried to create a “wet look” with adding footsteps and bullet impacts on the base (formed with Milliput). With this, I tried to hide the single miniatures bases in the Milliput mass.

DSC08587 DSC08588

My current paintjob, a mission objective.


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