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X-Wing tournament prethoughts

As Warhammer Fantasy has endured its screaming and painful death last summer, it was time for a new tabletop tournament system. As my first X-Wing tournament last year was a very entertaining and challenging experience, I’m looking forward to a little tournament happening on May the 1st here in Vienna.

Actually, I’m experimenting with a combination of the manoeuverability of the Tie/EOs, the durance of the Lambda Shuttle and the firepower of the Interceptor. At last, I came to this list:


As you can see, the core concept of this list is the abilty of Epsilon Leader to cancel stress, thus enabling the smaller vessels to focus on a single enemy ship with their skewed Koiogran turns. So, I want this swarm to concentrate and fly together on a smaller field. The Lambda shuttle needs the Engine Upgrade to be able to stay in the game and should be able to block some ships with the Enhanced Scopes.

Tetran Cowall is a favourite of mine due to his ability and his background – even if he is probably dead before the Tie/EO is invented. Also, I think he plays very well together with Epsilon Leader. We’ll see if theory survives the praxis.

Sadly, due to real life, I wasn’t able to playtest as much as I would have liked. So the tournament will be the real test before the next concept shall be tested.


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Villers Bocage Mini Campaign 2/2

Some months ago, Fels and I played through the Mini Campaign in the same-named FoW-book about the fight between British and Germans.

As the initial first two battles were severe defeats, I had  no big hope that the last battle would be any different. It didn’t help much that the fight for the village of Villers Bocage would be held directly in the city.

Sadly, we had no matching surface, so the last photographs are a little… confusing. But at the least, we had a very entertaining refight of this campaign. It was also very satisfying because this was the very first book I bught for Flames of War.

Both parties would have to gain control over several checkpoints to win this battle. While the Germans were completely motorized, the British had some walking troops to their aid. I attempted a “scissor-like” breakthrough at both streets; due to the obligatory city map, there were not many other options for the Tigers and Panzer IV.

To put it short, the Tanks managed to gain some meters on the street, but the well-dug-in British troops were able to keep them away long enough to win the battle. A well deserved victory for the stoic defenders. Congrats.

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