upcoming Necromunda Campaign in WoW/Keepers

This week, my local wargaming Club WoW/Keepers will start to maintain a small Necromunda campaign, an ancient game about gang warfare in the dystopian future of the 40k universe. Finally, an opportunity to field my hideous Delaque to glory or a horrible fate. Time will tell.


The first encounter of my gang will be against some of the lowest and most savage inhabitants of the underhive, pestilencious Scavvies including some infesting Zombies. So, from the very beginning, they will have to stand against the worst the underhive can throw against them.

For me, the starter box of Necromunda was a very exciting purchase 18 years ago, back in 1998 (coincidentally, it was also one of the first things I bought from the GW universe). Despite it’s weak parts, aside the fact that it has a very big problem with it’s inner gaming balance (not to mention the gangs that were added with the Outlaws expansion, which I sadly could never get), it still delivers a fascinating insight in a very specific spot of the grimdarkness of the 40k universe. Inside the game, a seemingly endless space for creativity and gaming was unfolded before the reader. So it’s no surprise that I’m very delighted that my club will maintain a campaign in this cool setting.


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