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X-Wing Tournament September 2016

Last Sarurday, I played my second X-Wing tournament in the Viennese local games store called Siren Games. The same location I played my first tournament last year. Well, from a competitive point of view, it was a desaster. I fielded a list I’ve never tested or played before and lacked decent preparation of any kind. So, it was no surprise that I scored last player that day.

At the plus side, I was able to play three kind and helping opponents (I’ve forgotten to bring the range rulers, so I had to borrow) and learned a lot about the game. Torunaments are always a great way to learn if your theories proove in practice, so it was a helpful event.

Unbenannt - Kopie.JPG

The list I fielded consisted of several aspects I wanted to try: the Koiogran tricks of Tetran Cowall, Epsilon Leader and Countess Ryad, and also the manoeuverability of the Shuttle with engine upgrades. So it should be a squad to outmanoeuvre the opponent, right?

Well, kind of. I played three matches against rebels (at least, no mirrormatch against Empire), so a plus side for fluff. The three rebel squads contained:

* Biggs & three Y-Wings with turrets

* Biggs & Ghost with turrets

* Biggs & Wedge Antilles & Wes Janson

I hate turrets with their ability to ignore visibility arcs. The whole concept of manoeuvering gets kind of ridiculed when you don’t have to plan for your moevement in advance and simply keep the opponent out of range one. Worse, your opponent still has to think about his manouevers and your’s too. One of the aspects of X-Wing that should’ve never been published.

The first two games were simple walk-overs by the rebels due to my incapability to deal with those Cannons dealing consistent damage and my severe lack of preparation. Altogether, I managed to kill at least one X-Wing in the last battle, but that also went downhill because I was way too risktaking with landing or bypassing Asteroid fields.

Well, the next tournament surely will have a more satisfying outcome. Actually, I plan to test the old swarm of eight Tie-Fighters during the next weeks, a classic and surely more stable concept.


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Asturian Troubadour and Militia

Finally, I was able to finish a painting project. The Asturians would be added to my Christian warband for Saga C+, either as Spanish or Crusaders. Both would be suitable for a force settled in the early Crusades era.


The Troubadour started his life as a Bretonnian Quest knight, by far one of my most beloved models. You have to love his Mandoline. As Troubadour, he was more a side-character for the warband, but one I definitively wanted to add  due to flavour reasons.

Like every good Troubadour, he actually is of french heritage and so carries the coat of arms of the village of Estagell from Occitania. For Saga C+ isn’t a mass system, I will paint every knight his own personal coat of arms, taken from villages of the area of Asturia. Surely, they will not be absolutely historically accurate, as many villages will carry more recent coats of arms, but at least it will get as close as I can get without a serious study in Asturian archives. I try to keep it simple, and so, he Troubadour got a very iconic imagery – the lamb of god carrying his banner.


As for the peasant rabble, it wouldn’t fit to give them individual heraldry, so they would carry the Asturian sigil – the cross of victory – on their shields. I tried to keep a little unification with the use of the colour blue, but at the end, I also like the scratched-together feeling of these lads.

They also started their lives as Bretonnian peasants from Warhammer Fantasy, but now live a second live in the wondrful teritory of historical wargaming. I really hope to finish the warband in this year and also fight a game.


Lovely faces. Sadly, I didn’t realiz that the casting fin on the right guys’ head would look so prominent until it was too late. 😦


The “Dornish peasant”.



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