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Shootout in Scrap Town

Meanwhile, in a sordid town in the Badlands…

Xerxes sucked on his cigarette and stretched his back. Carrying his Flamer the whole way had been tiresome, so he really looked forward to take a good nap and rest his old bones in the settlement they had occupied some weeks ago. The smelly, incestuous inhabitants didn’t care much for them, which suited Xerxes best. He didn’t care for them either, as long as they would pay their taxes they owned to proud House Delaque for protection on due time. Not that High Lord Delaque himself, may the Spirits of the Hive always protect him, would know anything about this village and the Credits his gang pressed from those depraved Grox farmers and cheap fungus collectors deep down in the underhive. But, as some dead General somewhere and sometime had remarked, war has to pay for war. They had to see how to get the next meal, and so, they had to rely on those underhive dwellers for their own good.

Suddenly, his instinct for danger turned red. Something wasn’t right! The otherwise noisy and vivid market of the settlement was empty. No fires were burning in their steel barrels, like always. HE hissed a quick but quiet command to stop to his two subordinates and got in cover.


Just two foreign figures were standing in the middle of the plaza and searched for something. Plunderers! Now Xerxes understood. Some Gangers from an other house had entered their village. No Delaque could be blind enough not to notice the marks around the settlement that marked it as their property. Intruders. Well, he knew what they had to do.

With a grim smile in his face, he sucked on his cigarette one last time and lit his Flamer with the gleaming tip. The bubbls of high explosive gasoline crawled around the front end of his beloved weapon, awaiting him to push the button which would release a cloud of inflamed gas on his foes. In an coordinated move, all three Delaque entered the village.

Hey, scummers!“, he bellowed, “wrong place, wrong time!


Then, it happened all too fast.

The guy on the left side of the market place uncovered his mantle and a machine gun rattled at the three Delaque. Xerxes and Yuris chests were hit by shrapnels, only Gospodin managed to throw himself in ptotecting cover. Xerxes mind dwindled into darkness…


Feelin’ better, eh?

A flashlight was held directly in his face, so Xerxes tried to keep his eyes shut.
What happened, you bloody fool?” the Heavy pressed between his torn lips before he was able to get himself up on his feet.

Well, it really didn’t look good, that I can say“, Gospodin proclaimed hastily, “but we’ve been lucky. Lucky enough, I mean. The machine gun had a malfunction, so we were able to outflank and chase them. One more shot by the stubber, and we would’ve been mutie snacks, that’s for sure“.

Stretching and rubbing some of his mistreated muscles, Xerxes glimpsed some of the villagers lurking behind their closed windows and shut doors. Bastards, he thought. Not better than those slimy muties they had been fighting a few days before. He resisted his urge to lit some of them with his beloved Flamer, just to make a decent statement. Not this day, he sighed.

Come on, lets move” he replied to the way too talky Ganger. “Let’s collect the due taxes and get away“. Somehow, the place did stink to him even more now…


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Ratskin Ambush

Papa Steve didn’t feel well. For hours, the floor beneath him had been hissing and roaring.

Just two feet under the lurking Delaque Gang, hundreds and hundreds of rats and other even more pestilencious vermin streamed and squeaked through the belly of the underhive. Their cacophonous chorus of squeals and screams made quite a decent song for the ghosts that surrounded them, the old Gang Leader felt. Although not a really pious man, Steve was no fool not to know that the spirits of the underhive were much more than real. At least, real enough to be a threat to everyone not careful enough…


The Scout strolling before him was knocked to his knees. Blood spilled out his chest and pelvis. Several sounds of varying guns echoed from the ceiling. They were trapped! Steve yelled a command to his Gang to cover, but it was too late. Way too late. The only thing he was able to see were several lightnings from other guns pointing at them. He saw Yuri and Anatol going down. And suddenly, a shadow lept from his cover and rushed towards him. He wasn’t even fast enough to pull the trigger of his beloved Bolter gun…


As Papa Steve woke up, he felt an itching pain in his left chest. Under the bloody, soaked tissues presumably Xerxes had wrapped around him, he assumed at least two ribs to be broken from the assaulting mutant. He mumbled a grim curse against all muties and tried to get up. No further use in resting, he thought.

After a while, he was abe to attempt some steps and walk along his tattered mates. As he could perceive, they looked pretty bad – even worse than their usual appearance. The muties had hit them really hard and they had known where it would hurt the most.

They’ve taken our Scout, that dude from Dead End Pass… or was it Glory Hole?…” Sokrates snarled. “Only the Emperor, who protects the righteous ones, or the tunnel rats know what they’ll do to that poor fella. Damn sorry for that, he had a nice plasma pist. They could’ve kept the rest of him“. Steve chuckled. He had always envied the old grim Heavy for his sense of creeping humour, though he held him for a bit too open for that Redemptionist babbling about the Emperor sitting in his throne and protecting mankind and all that stuff. The mere thought of mankind being top-notch of the foodchain, which the frock guys always proclaimed, made Steve sick. Anyone thinking himself to be on top just because he was some form of human had no idea what lurked at the bottom of the hive swamps… Nevertheless, they would need a good portion of old Sokrates’ humour if they had to regroup and fall back to their base.

The other lads also got their share. Oblomov was hit in the chest, yet will be able…“. Steve shut his mind and ears and thought. Sokrates would continue babbling on for quite a while, he knew better than trying to stop his friend. He had to think. Why were they hit so hard by a bunch of underhive muties? How was it possible that one of them attacked four armed Delaque and was still breathing, even sliced his chest? Somehow, they were too many. And too well equipped. Perhaps they raided a Guilder? Nah, that would have been made public by an open mutie hunt. Something else? He had to…

Suddenly, his eyes opened wide, he put his wrist around Socrates’ collar and pulled it to his face. “The entrance!” he yelled in the stupid face of poor Socrates and leaped sideways. Hurling and cursing in all of the underhive dialects he spoke (and Steve thought himself to be a linguist for that matter), he pressed and jumped and raced several storeys deeper into the tunnel systems. Nearly slipping on the last mile, he went to a very specific spot. A spot only he and the two Heavies knew. Or should know. The hidden archeotech camp was a jewel. A place of wonders and treasures. If only…

No, no, no, no, no, Noooooo!” the Ganger yelled as he saw what had happened. Someone had broken the hidden seal that led to the cavern where they had found their beautiful and costly archeotech stuff. Steve sank to his knees. His head did hurt even more than his stomach. No use in crawling inside. He knew that the muties had sacked every valuable inch of that damned hole. They were beaten by their own ancient weapons, he realized. His wrists turned blue by the pressure, as he swore to himself that he would get them. And made them choke on the sweet, sweet archeotech they had stolen today…

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No country for old Kids

You’re sure you know the way?“, the suspicious Heavy grumbled. For hours, the stinking Scummer had traced and led them to a place where he expected some lousy Scavvies. Their peeled skins would make a great price back in Dead End Pass, he was sure. Yet he was absolutely not sure about their scouts motives, who was always playing with his big stupid Plasma pistol… An item he increasingley envied him for. Not many weapons of such exaggerating destructive potential made it thus far in the underbelly of Hive Primus, he suggested.

Socrates, shut it!” another guy behind them hissed. Wielding an absurdely large Bolter, their leader “Papa Steve” Anastasoff tried to keep the gang together while hiding his own exhaustion. They knew that there would be some Scavvies down under, so they had to keep their babbling to a minimum or else would get sacked themselves…

There! A bunch of lurking Scavvies searching for some letftovers from the tunnel rats. About two dozen metres away, they hadn’t seen the sneaky Delaque. Well, Papa Steve would surely take advantage of their limited senses. “Fries, Shake, Oblomov! Get into those maintenance tunnels and flame their arses from behind. We’ll take them heads on!” he bellowed in a whisper to two of the kids who prepared their Flaming pistols, really costly and prestigous things down here. Oblomov, the old and experienced lad, would help them with his shotgun after their fuel was flamed upon those mutants.



The rest made quite a show. Forming a straight line, the Delaque readied their weapons (Xerxes insisted on carrying his heavy Flamer, altough he would be of little use. Be it so, Papa thought). They walked slowly towards the mutants, weapons ready to fire. The Scavvies saw them after some meters of walking, but were too shocked to move, Papa noticed with a satisfied nod. He began to count in a whisper, barely hearable except for the sharpened listening abilities of true Delaque.




Then hell brake loose.

The sound of the Boltgun and the heavy Stubber bursted into a shrieking crescendo, multiplicated and echoed from the walls of the gigantic caverns walls. The air was ripped apart when the Summer released a bowl of Plasma in the direction of the Scavvies. The steaming Plasma melted down some metal, but didn’t really harm any mutants. Worse, Socrates’ and Steves’ heavy weapons both had malfunctions which made their weapons useless. Crap! Even worse, Steve noticed first the stench and then the muzzle flash from the muties’ friends. They were surrounded!


Fries, Shake and Pete crawled through some maintenance tunnels. It would be easy, Papa had promised, just release the flaming oil on those pestilencous Scavvies and slit the throats of the burning underworlders. Simple. Even for some kids. Well, there they were, just some meters from the backside of the mutants. Just a jump and…

Fries knew that something wasn’t right when he saw into the eyes of half a dozen Scavvies. This was not good. They should hear the rattling sound of Xerxes’ heavy stubber, but there was silence save for some melee sounds to their left. He saw Socrates, smashing his heavy Flamer into the head of one of those things. Crap, even he had no more ammunition. Well, at least they had their full Flaming pistols…


Steve had to rethink his battle plan, fast! He had ordered Xerxes with his Flamer to the right to support Oblomov and the two kids, while he and three other lads jumped forward and tried to keep the Scavvies who moved forward at bay. If they managed to shoot some of them down, they still had a chance…




Fries opened his eyes, his mind damped in soft, pink clouds. He felt hunger. His bite marks itched, his belly was empty and hurted. He tried to uplift himself and stand up, yet was too weak. Beside the emptiness in his stomach, his limbs felt numb and deaf. Suddenly, the door to the room was opened from outside…

Papa Steve also was tired. And hungry. It felt days he last had a bite of a fried rat or a good cup of Wildsnake. But the news concerning his men were even worse. All the kids had been killed or greavily wounded, their mercenary scout was partially deafened, and to make things worse, they were broke on credits. They would need a hit, and this pretty soon…

Boss, you should see Fries“, Xerxes said. The old veteran had fueled his Flamer and had put him aside, now repairing the other gangers weapons. “He had quite a harsh fight, and will need time to recover“. Altough Xerxes was no medic, Steve trusted his words. He would need to speak to the kid and cheer him up a little bit. The leader knew that a well-placed little speech could do wonders encouraging his fellow men.

When he opened the door to the small room they had put the kid in, Steves senses in his nostrils were hit by the brutal and caustic stench pouring out of the small chamber. Obviously, something had rottten here for quite some time. He saw he kid, resting on his elbows and backside, facing him. His chest didn’t move, but the kid was clearly alive, fixating him with his eyes and holding contact. A test of his will? Steve wasn’t sure, but he didn’t feel very comfortably with the lad.

Feeling better, eh?” the older man said to the young Juve. “Don’t be worried, we gave old smellyskins some good wipping and will be rewarded greatly by the Guilders“, he lied to the Kid. Usually, promises of Wildsnake and easy company back home with the girls always worked wonders with the easy-to-be-mocked kids. But not this creepy kid. He still stared at him and didn’t breath…

Fries’ mind was melted in red clouds, floating through the remaining parts of his brain. What was left of the Juve’s personality still recognized the presence of his Gang Leader, but that didn’t matter any more. Nothing mattered, beside his endless hunger. With the swiftness of a wild snake, the zombified kid leaped forward and threw himself against the much more experienced and tougher gang leader. Both rolled over the floor, holding each other at the throat. With his bare fingers, the Zombie kid ripped deep wounds in the chest and face of the man he had called “Papa” some hours ago. Steve, totally overwhelmed from the attack, managed to hold the kid at it’s throat.

Collecting his last reserves of strength, he was able to reach for his Stub gun in its holster and pull it out. He knew that he would be in deep, deep trouble if the Zombie formerly being Fries would be able to bite him, so he accepted the pain of the brainless’ claws scratching and ripping his chest. He pointed the bad end of his gun at the kids head and pulled the trigger…

It was a good shot. Point blank. The grey mass of the seldom used and now squished brain was scattered over the floor. So much for that lad, Papa Steve thought. Perhaps the next kids would be of more use…

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Epic X-Wing: Raider vs. Gozanti

To celebrate both Star Wars Day and Tabletop Gamig Day, I and a fellow clubmember of WoW/Keepers in Vienna deciced to play an epic mirrormatch in X-Wing. As both players wanted to field their Imperial forces (well, due to my limitation to the glorious Empire, I didn’t have much of an option this way), we decided that this would be a training match for the brave Imperial navy. Under the watchful eye of Darth Vader, Admiral Chiraneau would have to proof his worth in commanding the Assault Carrier, also knwon as Gozanti.


400 points of Imperial glory. 😀

My fleet contained several units I have also fielded in other battles – around the Gozanti, Cowalls Cowards (mentioned in the last post), a Bomber Squad containing Major Rhymer, Captain Jonus and a Punisher, an unreliable Bounty Hunter and a classic 8-Tie-Swarm supported the main ship. Agent Kallus in his Lambda shuttle would overwatch the outcome of this training battle.


On the other side of the battlefield, a ferocious Raider corvette was flanked by two Decimators, Lord Vader himself (in his private Tie-Advanced) and some smaller vessels (2 Tie-Fighters, a second Tie-Advanced and a Tie-Phantom). Also, Mara Jade was seated in her Shuttle for supervising purposes.


The first two rounds were not really worth mentioning – both parties flew more or less directly towards each other. In round three, things started to get interesting. The combined power of the Tie Swarm and the Bounty Hunter managed to get me rid of one of the Decimators (unfortunately, I suffered three damage to my Tie-Fighters while passing a small asteroid. Stupid, but I absolutely wanted to keep the Tie formation as intact as possible as long as possible). Also, I was able to avoid my Shuttle getting crushed by the Raider, thanks to the Engine Upgrade I spent her.


I bumped my Shuttle into Mara Jades Shuttle, which jumped in return with a 3-turn left over my Shuttle. Very moveable 😉


Thanks to this manoeuvre, I was able to smash the enemies Shuttle with a 2-turn to the right side with my ramming Gozanti. Very satisfying. The Bounty Hunter bumped into one of the Decimators, so the Tie Swarm was able to finish him off. Sadly, I didn’t use the Bomber Squad and the Tie/EO’s of Cowalls Cowards apting to their full potential, so I subsequently missed some very nice possibilities for shooting Torpedos or missiles.


To my personal disappointment, I didn’t see that the Lambda’s  manoeuvre that kept the Shuttle out of the Raiders ramming range also was a limitation for the Bounty hunter in the next turn – due to a very stupid manoeuvre with the ship, the Bounty Hunter saw the tip of his backside reaching over the table edge – perhaps the mercenary piloting the ship decided that killing one Decimator was enough to justify his day’s payment and that it was a proper time to leave the battle :-/


Anyway, both battleships finally pased each other, but didn’t do much harm to each other – instead, it was far more fruitful to engage the smaller vessels. The Raider smashed one of the Ties while advancing, while the Tie/EOs were wasted in their positions – due to some stupid moving decisions of mine, they mostly had no good shooting positions.


Vader proofed to be the most cunning pilot of the battle, as he flew easily in between the Raider and Gozanti. As a little gratification, one of the Tie/EOs shot him down after his glamorous tunnel stunt. 🙂 Sadly, this happened just after the Gozanti burst into flames after a combined gunfire of Raider, Vader, another Tie-Advanced and a Tie-Phantom. The combined attack was so fast, I wasn’t even able to do any repairing attempts with my Repair Droids.

The final count was a not-so close 129:189, a nice victory for the other side. While it looked pretty good at the beginning, some serious and foolish manoeuvre mistakes mounted up and led to this defeat. Both I and my opponent were rather new to the Epic Format, we also forgot some options we could have used (a rather stupid mistake was not to buy Major Rhymer the Push-the-Limit Upgrade – with it, he maybe could have attacked the Raider’s flank with a Advanced Proton Torpedo). Well, next time we’ll know more.

A special thanks and congratulations to my fair and patient opponent. The force truly was with him that day.

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Villers Bocage Mini Campaign 2/2

Some months ago, Fels and I played through the Mini Campaign in the same-named FoW-book about the fight between British and Germans.

As the initial first two battles were severe defeats, I had  no big hope that the last battle would be any different. It didn’t help much that the fight for the village of Villers Bocage would be held directly in the city.

Sadly, we had no matching surface, so the last photographs are a little… confusing. But at the least, we had a very entertaining refight of this campaign. It was also very satisfying because this was the very first book I bught for Flames of War.

Both parties would have to gain control over several checkpoints to win this battle. While the Germans were completely motorized, the British had some walking troops to their aid. I attempted a “scissor-like” breakthrough at both streets; due to the obligatory city map, there were not many other options for the Tigers and Panzer IV.

To put it short, the Tanks managed to gain some meters on the street, but the well-dug-in British troops were able to keep them away long enough to win the battle. A well deserved victory for the stoic defenders. Congrats.

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Epic X-Wing Battle

There are great advantages being in a Wargaming Club. One of those is that you can game with different kinds of gamers, those who enjoy campaigns and others who prefer a more competitive style of play. And many that are between those opposing sides. One of those gamers loves to play “epic” X-Wing battles with ideally more than 400 points on each side. This made it possible for me to field my whole collection of X-Wing ships. And more.

We played with two Imperials against one Rebel, each side containing one really big ship (Tantive vs. Raider). The battle was for the most time in balance; the K-Wings were shot down pretty soon (having exposed themselves too far), while the Tie-Fighters engaged the Tantive in really close combat (two or three of them crashed against the giant ship). The Tie-Bombers and Interceptors engaged the A-, B- and X-Wings in the middle of the battlefield.

2015-12-08 15.10.45

The glorious Imperials

2015-12-08 15.11.02

Massive Rebel Scum

2015-12-08 15.16.11

Tantive Close-Up

2015-12-08 15.16.31

Did anyone say “Swarm”?

2015-12-08 15.57.14

First entanglements

2015-12-08 16.24.47

2015-12-08 17.50.44

The battle in full turmoiil. Note how close Tantive and Raider got.

In the long run, the massive amount of hull points granted an Imperial victory. Also, the fact that the Rebel player had to keep his mind focused  the whole time while the Imperial players could help each other helped too.

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Villers Bocage Mini Campaign 1/2


Two weeks ago, Fels and I replayed the first two of three scenarios of the Mini Campaign in Villers Bocage. In Wittmanns Wild Ride, one Tiger tries to break through an unseated British motorized column. In the Battle for Point 213, four Tigers encircle a small British armed battle group. The three scenarios are linked together, so the outcome of the first two encounters would matter for the last and final battle for Villers Bocage.

Wittmanns Wild Ride

A rather straightforward scenario, as the German player only controls one tank while the British players troops are unmoveable.


The alley, just before the battle starts.

Thankfully, our gaming club is well endowed with all sorts of wargaming supplies, so it was no big deal to build a nice, pleasant valley for this shootout. The German tank had to race against a time limit (ten rounds). DSC09578 DSC09580 DSC09581

We played the scenario three times (switching sides in the third battle).

It was proofed that the tank was able to knock out the first two Churchills and the infantrymen with ease, but was unable to beat the waiting 6-pdr-gun. Perhaps, if the tank had more time, he could just shoot the thing with its main gun, but due to the time restriction, this seemed unlikely to work.

Battle for Point 213DSC09583

We still had time that evening, so we decided to play the second scenario just afterwards. Four Tigers (with random starting positions) ambushed a group of British tanks. The survivors of this battle would show up as reinforcements in the last battle.

We played this scenario twice. While the German tanks (which showed up conveniently together in the same corner of the battlefield) were able to knock out some Churchills, the counterfire from the two Fireflys was too much and it was a really quick defeat.

In the second attempt, we just rolled the dice again and got the same result.DSC09585

Despite the clear outcome, it was a fun evening recreating the historical scenarios. We’ll fight the last and defining battle in early November.

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