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Dwarves vs. Wood Elves – no restrictions

2.500 points, no restrictions.

No. Restrictions.

Being used to tournament warhammer, which always means army restrictions in some way, i was surprised that smaug, a member of my local gaming club wanted to field his Wood Elves in a battle with no limitations other than the core rules. Well, as this would be a rare chance to abuse the possibilities of the new Dwarfes, i was very excited to play. I also looked forward to play against him because he is a torunament-hardened veteran who was skilled in the rules (so i wouldn’t have to look for myself, if i had a rule question). Also, he is the player who fielded Ogres and Dark Elves.

The Army lists

Shooty or Bashy? As i see it, the liquidation of the anvil from the old book and the cancellation of the “You have to attack me” rune leads to a simple build-up against Wood Elves. As you can’t catch them with a movement of 3 (and i’ve played enough battles against Empire where the Dwarves had to storm and ended in the humans deployment zone), so you have to out-shoot them. The new sweet organ guns with a ballistic skill of 5 (with Machinist and rune) and the now playable flame cannon (Woooosh!) should deal with everything sneaky, while the spear gun should be a nasty blocker against any eagle or falcon on the horizont.

As the new Dwarves got a little malus in their possibilities to ban hostile magic (judged from their options in the last book), a single runesmith with his banning rune was kind of risky, but sadly, nothing more was affordable.

Runesmith, Rune of Banning
Master Machinist (with the Organ Gun)
Master Machinist (with the Organ Gun)
Crossbowers Great Weapon, full Command
Crossbowers Great Weapon, full Command
5 Slayers, 4 Giant Slayers
Spear Thrower, Rune of Flakkson and Burning 
Spear Thrower
Stone Thrower, Rune of Penetrance, Accuracy and Smithing
Stone Thrower, Rune of Penetrance and Accuracy
Flame Cannon
Organ Gun, Rune of Smithing and Accuracy
Organ Gun, Rune of Smithing and Burning

Mage Level 4, Lore of Dark Elves (how on earth is that possible by the Fluff?)
Mage Level 2, Lore of Shadow
Battle Standard Bearer
Hero Bow of Athel Loren
two small units of Bowmen, covering the heroes
fat unit of Falcons
one small unit of Wild Hunt
one big unit of Elk Riders
10 Snipers
a unit of Riders, coming from behind

The game can be summarized as a great shootout. While i was able to dezimize the fastest elements of the Wood Elves, smaug was very good in combining the nasty spells of his magicians to support his melee and shooting troops.

DSC07603 DSC07605 DSC07606 DSC07609 DSC07610 DSC07611 DSC07613

The battle turned when the scouting riders were shot down by the remnants of the Dwarven artillery. So, the artillery was saved (which surely would have caused great losses). I was also very lucky with my artillery dice (and the accurate hits on the Wood Elves units).

Finally, a several years old trauma caused by the Wood Elves from the sixth edition (the one with the woods you could hide in) was kind of solved and i was able to celebrate a light victory against a great and kind opponent and gamer. Thanks, smaug. Any time again.


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Dwarfebruary – The last Strike of the Anvil

As we Dwarven players finally got our new book this Month, I fielded them one last time in their old edition. A tournament organizer in Carynthia wanted to use the old book, but the protest from some Dwarven players including myself led to a vote that decided that we will not have to use an army book outdated for weeks by that date. Thanks for that and I’m looking forward to a great tournament in Carynthia at the end of March.

So, this was the last chance to use the by all beloved Miner Spam List which uses the automatic movement by the Anvil to create some fun on the battlefield. I will surely miss the old Anvil and the flexibility that came with it. But instead, we will have lots of fun with squadrons of six helicopters and supporting bombers. Or so.

Dwarfes vs. Dark Elves

The Dwarf List

Dwarf Lord, General, GW, Shieldbearers, 1 x Rune of Resistance, 1 x Rune of Stone – 206 Pts.
Runelord, Anvil of Doom, 2 x Rune of Spellbreaking – 365 Pts.
Thane, GW, 1 x Master Rune of Gromril, 1 x Rune of Resistance, BSB – 144 Pts.

28 Longbeards, GW, M, S, C – 389 Pts.
26 Longbeards, GW, M, S, C, Ranger Upgrade – 389 Pts.

Cannon 90 Pts.
Cannon 90 Pts.
Stone Thrower, 1 x Rune of Accuracy, 2 x Rune of Penetrating – 155 Pts.

34 Miners, M, S, C – 399 Pts.
6 Miners, C – 76 Pts.
5 Miners 55 Pts.

Gyrocopter 140 Pts.

Total: 2498

As usual, the list should have been as competitive as possible. The artillery was in a limitation pool with the Anvil, so the Organ Gun would have to stay home. Too much possibility for too few shots with just one gun.

The king (as always) is pretty cheap and should just provide the Longbeards with his formidable morale, perhaps consume some damage in melee and survive as a main goal. So I rather see him in a defensive position than causing direct wounds.

As said before, the Miner Spam would ensure some flexibility for me and early stress for the enemy, especially his warmachines. The Gyrocopter was a fancy thing I always avoided (due to his weak cannon and inability of blocking enemy marching routes).

The Dark Elf Player was Smaug, an old Warhammer partner from my Gaming Club (and the Ogre player from the battle report in March 2013). He fielded an unusual, rather new list with a dragon-riding noble, two young sorceresses, a noble riding a dark Pegasus and three units of light cavalry (one of them were these new warlocks). Two Spearthrowers and a middle-sized unit of executioners completed this version of Dark Elves on Speed.

It was pretty clear from the beginning, that he would be able to decide where and when to strike when I didn’t keep the regiments close together, so I used the old, by all beloved tactic of staying in the corner. The executioners, thunderers and bolt throwers were placed in front of my Longbeards, while the dragon and the light riders hid behind the building.



It started with a well-placed hit with the Strength-5 Stonethrower into the executioners (first, I forgot that I could reroll for my warmachine, but thanks to Smaug, he allowed me to reroll when I thought of it. Thanks for that) which caused several deaths and a failed panic test for both the executioners and the thunderers. With just one hit, the Stonethrower caused the whole right flank of the Dark Elves to flee. Perhaps thats why this combination is always in restricting pools…



For the next turn, the dragon and the rest of the army stood behing the building, while the witch in the executioners (who had stopped fleeing right before the end of the battlefield) put some burning spells into my Longbeards. The bolt throwers were taken out by the cannons and the arriving small Miners. The big Miners, who came from my flank, were attaced and eaten by the dragon in about three rounds. He also had luck when a single miner was left in melee and I wasn’t able to target the monster with my cannons.

I couldn’t decide to attack the executioners in melee, but I was lucky to get rid of them by shooting them first with the Stonethrower, blitzing them with the ancient power of the Anvil (for the last time) and then blasting the leftover witch with a shot by the cannon. Lucky me. If I had attacked them with my Longbeards, I would perhaps have not been able to deal enough damage to get them. In the end, it was a undecided battle (with about 30 points in advantage for the Dwarves).


Dark Elves on Speed.




That, my lad, is a dra*chump*.


Dwarves vs. Lizardmen

The second combattant on this evening would be Kokosnuss, an ETC player from last year fielding his Lizards (but he is also the currently best Dwarf player in Austria). After complaining a bit about the battlefield conditions, he brought a Slann and his bodyguards, several units of Teradons, two Stegadons and Salamanders and a massive amount of Skinks of different colour and weaponry.


The Teradons used their forward movement before battle and crushed right into my poor gun line, thus eliminating my possibility of shooting. One Stegadon was taken out by fire, and the unit of Saurus fled across his whole battle line due to a rules failure which we took back after seeing that we had made a mistake.



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Dwarfebruary – Banners

Some banners to add a little diversity in the units of Clan Warriors. I found a very appealing symbol in the cover of the “Warhammer Fantasy Role Playing Game” book about Karak Azgal, the Dragon Krak. Starting with the blue flag, it showed to be pretty rewarding to spend some time painting banners. Especially because they inevitably will be an eye-catcher displayed on the field.


Dwarfebruary - Banners

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10. February 2014 · 13:49

Dwarfebruary – Stone Thrower Crew

As this is the month for Dwarfes, I continued Dwarfebruary with painting these engineer lads who have been waiting far too long for their colours.

I tried to avoid the “darkness”-problem from the Champion in the last post and also stay to the colours of the army, red and blue.







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5. February 2014 · 23:02

Dwarfebruary – Champion

It’s February. Time for Dwarfes.

As the new Dwarf edition is coming it’s way this month, I thought it would be a nice occasion to get some Dwarfes painted. Most of them have waited for years to get their colours,but now is the time to clad them in decent paint. Besides, some old painted miniatures will be repainted to a better, higher standard.

This month starts with a special miniature I had to lay my hands on – a simpla Champion. He can be either a Thain or a mere unit champion. I especially like his pipe (an addiction I occasionally share with him) and his calm, stoic attitude.



While painting, I had to realize that black is not the best of choices for a Champion’s beard. As the beard is such a massive part of the Dwarf, it really darkens the whole tone of the miniature. While that is a lesser problem with regiment infantry, it’s not the best if you want an eyecatcher.

As you can clearly see, the next, more foolish mistake was the choice of colour for his cloak. In combination with the black beard, the whole left side was way too dark and shadowed with this kind of blue. To repair this accident, I had to lighten the whole cloak a little bit up to make it possible to see any difference between his hair and his clothing.


My mobile painting station, with the next miniatures waiting to get their colours.

The Champions backside, lightened up.


Hope you enjoyed the process of painting this fine lad. It took me about one hour to suit up this miniature, time well spent I think. After a long period of abstinence to pencils and inks, finally I enjoyed painting in 28 millimeters again.

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Dwarves vs. Ogres, Chaos and Empire

It’s time for new battle reports.

Due to my lack of time in the last weeks, I wasn’t able to play as much Warhammer as I would have liked. But now, I’m looking forward to a nice time of gaming and writing about it.

Due to the humble and unfinished state of my Ogres, I fielded the ever-ready Dwarves. I didn’t want to lend miniatures, for I try to finish my Ogre army for a tournament in Munich in April – and perhaps, this could be a good motivation to get the Ogres ready.

The army list

Anyhow, the army list was pretty “standard” for me: three blocks of melee infantry, a king for the higher morale and fighting potential (well, not really – he is more for getting hurt and absorbing melee hits, but he is a great threat for every unit). As usual in the last year, I didn’t field Hammerers, for their Stubbornness is way overpriced in this Warhammer edition. The massive contribution of (organ) guns was granted by the actual army choice in my gaming club which allowed two of these nice babies. Of course, I was really looking forward for the rare opportunity of fielding four war machines which hit automatically. The Bolt Throwers should also be a threat not to be underestimated, as the Engineers granted them the important additional Ballistic Skill.

Dwarf Lord, General, GW, Shieldbearers, 1 x Rune of Resistance, 1 x Rune of Stone – 206 Pts.
Runelord, Anvil of Doom, 2 x Rune of Spellbreaking – 365 Pts.
Thane, GW, 1 x Master Rune of Gromril, 1 x Rune of Resistance, Battle Standard Bearer – 144 Pts.
28 Longbeards, GW, M, S, C – 389 Pts.
25 Longbeards, Ranger Upgrade, GW, M, S, C – 375 Pts.
34 Miners, M, S, C – 399 Pts.
6 Miners, M, C – 81 Pts.
Cannon – 90 Pts.
Cannon – 90 Pts.
Bolt Thrower, Engineer – 60 Pts.
Bolt Thrower, Engineer – 60 Pts.
Organ Gun – 120 Pts.
Organ Gun – 120 Pts.
Total: 2499


The first opponent I would meet was a veteran Ogre player (also playing Wood Elves from time to time). While the unwashed hordes of multiple wounds which moved into my direction were a nice target for the cannons, I had a feeling that there were way too many possibilities where to shoot. Clearly, shooting here and there would be fruitless, so I had to concentrate the fire and hopefully would take advantage of the low Ogre morale.



The Ogre army contained a Tyrant, the unavoidable Ironblaster, a big Ogre carrier for protecting the Characters, two smaller units of Maneaters and Yhetees, a Thundertusk, a middle-sized unit of Ironguts, two Sabertooths and a Firebelly.



The Rangers were put in a wood at the flank of the Yhetees and the Thundertusk, mainly because I thought that their presence could cause a delay in the movement of this flank. Beside this, I felt that they would be of pretty small use when the Tyrant and his massive unit would hit my line.

The Yhetees managed to attack the Organ Gun on the most left position and eat through the artillery base henceforth. And the artillery fire had started so well with decimating the Maneater unit. Sadly, it wasn’t enough.





The Miners were of pretty small use in this battle – or even near to none. While the small Miners managed to enter the battlefield in turn three, the bigger unit was delayed one turn more and could only assist in the big melee which consumed both the Longbeards and the Miners. At least, the six Miners were able to deal with a lonely Sabertooth.


The reasons causing this defeat were various – a poor position for the artillery, which was way too exposed and could be attacked by a small, fast unit. I also felt pretty helpless against the massive amalgamation of Wounds in the big Ogre units carrying the Characters. It’s questionable whether a Catapult causing multiple wounds might have been of better use than the second Organ gun or not.

I think it’s questionable whether such a massive amount of artillery would be successful against the vast speed of Ogres. Surely, one unit can always be decimated while one other is slowed down by the Anvil. But it should be also said that the guns lacked a proper positioning from the beginning of the battle – if they had been directly behind the dwarven units, maybe they could have been of better use. But on the other hand, I feared that the melee units would lack manoeuvrability during the battle and hoped that the Ogres would not be able to overthrow them so fast.


The second battle should be against the new Skullcrushers (as if the possibility of fielding entire units of Heroes mounted on these Khornite Daemons wouldn’t be ridiculous enough…). I fielded the same army from the first report and again hoped that the Anvil would obstruct one unit while the artillery dealed with the other unit of daemon-riding Chaos Knights.
The other unit I had to care of was a pretty massive melee unit of ten Chaos Knights carrying a Chaos Lord. Again, I tried my luck with positioning my artillery in one corner of the battlefield and protecting them with my melee units (after a nasty defeat by Wood Elves years ago, I never put my artillery on the edge of the battle line).



Having no better plan for the Rangers, I decided that they would be of best use at the side of the bigger Longbeard unit. Sadly, the battle plan proofed to be poor once again. The powers of Chaos granted my opponent the first turn, to protect their servants from an early bath in dwarven artillery fire. The one shooting phase I was granted was useless, as just one Skullcrusher went down. The next decision was born of simple curiosity what would happen if the small Longbeards would attack the Chaos Knights (well, I really should have been able to be at least this prophetical). The Knights defeated the Dwarves severely and overran into the Generals unit. From this onward, it was clear that the battle was lost and I conceded.




Against so much heavy cavalry, the best hope against these daemon riders will be the flank attack granted by the Anvil. Most armies lacking rerolls in melee or the proper spells will have to be very tricky against this new unit.


The last opponent fielded the Empire. It was a quite nicer list than I had expected (just one unit of Griffon riders, to begin with) and I was really optimistic about this meeting. First, I knew that I would outnumber him with the sheer amount of artillery in my list and second, I knew that he is a “fluffy” gamer who likes to play non-maximised armies. Well, but it still was an army with Griffon Riders, good artillery and a Steam Tank. So anyhow, it would be an interesting challenge.




We started with a pretty balanced field which didn’t give an advantage to both parties. His army contained three “Breakers” – the mentioned Griffon Riders and the Steam Tank and a team of ten knights of the Inner Circle carrying the General (obviously). For flanking and hunting war machines, there were five knights and a Pegasus-riding Captain. A second group of five knights protected the imperial wizards.

The battle was pretty straightforward: the men of the Empire moved with full speed, with one exception of the Steam Tank who accidentally produced too much steam and decided not to take part in this forward movement.
The participation of the tank wasn’t needed whatsoever. Underestimating the seer power of a cavalry attack, the frontal assault proofed to be enough for my Dwarves. The human General killed the Dwarf Lord with some strikes of his armour-neglecting sword while his comrades demonstrated how useful the strike-repeating powers of the Orcanium could be. Confronted with such a poor situation, it was just a drop in an ocean that the Miners wisely choose not to appear at the battlefield. Perhaps, it would have been better to lay fire on the Orcanium rather than trying to shoot my first Steam Tank (who was pretty crushed, but not defeated at the end of the battle). Additionally, the fire of the Organ Guns on the knights was near to useless due to their marvellous 1+ armour.



Deciding that the battle would end sooner than later with a crushing defeat, I surrendered. But I have to say that, beside the poor outcome in statistic terms, the battle nevertheless was a fun one with a relaxed opponent.

I also underestimated the Griffon Riders (which were not that cruel than their counterparts some battle reports ago) while the artillery fire from both armies wasn’t that terrifying, like the magic. The only real bloodshed was caused in hand-to-hand melee – in a battle between Dwarves and Empire, the two classic gun armies, who would have guessed?


Needless to say that the result of the battles speaks for itself – the decision of fielding the whole artillery range just because it was allowed in the army restrictions was pretty foolish. The dice-related war machines were too dependent on good luck and getting the first turn for an additional round. Sadly, war machine hunters found easy prey on my machinists and the Organ Guns seemed to have taken holiday.

Having no possibility for repeating the hitting dices in melee, close combat is also a very uneasy affair due to the heavy points every Dwarf costs. But I don’t want to paint the picture too black – the actual Dwarven army is a really tough stone that is not cracked too easily – if played by a cunning player. Perhaps the points spent in artillery would have been of better use in bigger and better equipped units – taking advantage of the 450 points limit per unit which is 50 points more than in normal Austrian army restrictions.

Next weekend, I will attend the Austrian Team Tournament (the ÖTT in German) in Carinthia with my Ogres. I don’t expect too much outcome for my Ogres but will enjoy the battles and report from the tournament site – and maybe, I can get a glimpse of the Austrian view on the ETC rule set and army restriction as the tournament uses the ETC restrictions. So it will be really interesting next time.

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Dwarves vs. Empire

Again, I present to you a battle report from my local wargaming club, the WoW/Keepers. This time, I had to face an old battle-partner I also play Flames of War and Field of Glory with (although I have to admit that the last two systems had to endure a very thirsty time in the last months due to my lack of time for wargaming).

Anyhow, my partner Fels (german for “rock, stone”) wanted to test his new Empire units, meaning the Demigriffons and the Celestial Orcanium. We had played several times against each other, so I knew his well (and fully!) painted army quite good. I knew he had a favour for shooting, so there surely would be cannons, muskets, crossbows and a steam tank. As I had a nice time playing Dwarves at the Charity tournament, I decided to give the little lads another chance and fight cannons with cannons.

The choices for my army were quite obvious – sadly, due to the lack of a valid Army choice in our club at this moment, I had to hang on the outdated club-army-choice, which was a test to discuss army restrictions in public – which predictably failed. Due to the restriction of war machines, I had to leave the organ cannon at home. The Hammerers were also a choice I could not field, for there was a restriction for maximum 25 Hammerers per unit – a number way too short in times of the eight edition. But the Miners and the Rangers should give the Empire something to think about – I only had four units for the placement phase. With more than one hundred melee Dwarves and a good artillery, it should be a fair battle.


Dwarf Lord
, General, GW, Shieldbearers, 1 x Rune of Shielding, 1 x Rune of Stone – 206 Pts.
Runelord, Anvil of Doom, 2 x Rune of Spellbreaking – 365 Pts.
Thane, 1 x Master Rune of Gromril, 1 x Rune of Shielding, BSB – 140 Pts.

29 Longbeards, GW, M, S – 392 Pts.
27 Longbeards, Ranger Upgrade, GW, M, S – 393 Pts.
28 Quarrellers, GW, M, S, C – 389 Pts.
25 Miners, M, S, C – 300 Pts.

Cannon, 1 x Rune of Reloading – 100 Pts.
Stone Thrower, 1 x Rune of Accuracy, 1 x Rune of Penetrating – 130 Pts.
Bolt Thrower, Engineer, 1 x Rune of Penetrating – 85 Pts.

Total: 2500


General of the Empire, General, Steed, Barding – 119 Pts.
Hauptmann, Steed, Barding, BSB – 101 Pts.
9 Knights of the Inner Circle, Lances, M, S, C – 255 Pts.

Warrior Priest, Van Horstman’s Speculum – 105 Pts.
40 Halberdiers, M, S, C – 270 Pts.

Warrior Priest, GW, Steed, Barding – 86 Pts.
3 Demigriffons, M, S, C, Steel Standard – 239 Pts.

Witch Hunter, 2xPistols, Arabyan Carpet – 105 Pts.

20 Crossbowmen, M – 190 Pts.
20 Musketeers, M – 190 Pts.
5 Outriders, M – 115 Pts.
5 Outriders, M – 115 Pts.

Great Cannon
– 120 Pts.
Great Cannon – 120 Pts.
Celestial Orcanium – 130 Pts.

Total: 2260

The only real surprise was that Fels had left his steam tank behind – but perhaps be thought him to be too expensive for his possibilities. Another very interesting choice was he Witch Hunter on flying carpet. Some months ago, we had a game where my Ogre Tyrant and his Witch Hunter, both seated on flying carpets, hunted each other over the battlefield. He chose my Dwarf Lord as his victim, which meant that all attacks against my king would be “killing blows”. I didn’t give much attention to this hero, which I had to regret sooner or later.

The battle

With only four units to place on the battlefield (Quarrellers, Longbeards, war machines and heroes), it was sure that I couldn’t react on the Empire, but instead had to choose the best corner for my troops. I planned to start in one corner and outflank Fels with the better movement of my Dwarves (a weird thought, but I relied on the movement granted from the Anvil). The Miners, which caused Fels more worries than necessary, should come soon enough to cause him trouble – the better in round three than round two, for I hoped to catch one of his cannons with melee units and would therefore need the Anvil in the first and second round.

I was surprised that the Empire answered my “refused flank” with the same manoeuvre by them and we faced each other on opposite halves of the table. Fels even joked that we would just shoot for six rounds and then could shake hands. Happily, we both wanted to have a nice evening of gaming, and so no one hided in his corner (it would have been a boring game indeed).

Fels gained the first round and rushed forward with most of his army. Even the musketeers marched to my Dwarves, for they had to make way for the Demigriffons behind them. Both Outrider units used their additional movement and got into the right flank of the Dwarves. As I had only placed the Quarrellers there, they would have to deal with this threat.

The imperial artillery bombardment was far less horrifying as I had expected – one shot not far enough, while the other one was able to hit and wound my cannon, but only caused the loss of two Dwarves – thanks to the rune of reloading, it would be able to answer this shot in my turn.

With the Outriders in the right flank, I decided that the Quarrellers had to deal
with the problem and move in their direction – with “quick reform”, they proofed
to be fast enough that the light riders couldn’t reach the Bolt Thrower in their turn. Meanwhile, the Ranger-Longbeards moved far enough to be able to attack the cannon in round two (with the help of the Anvil, of course). The cannon shot and destroyed the last piece of imperial artillery.

Sadly, the Witch Hunter proofed his worth: he flew in the “dead angle” of the Longbeards with General and Battle Standard Bearer, where he could not be seen. In return, he was able to shoot at my Dwarf Lord and managed to kill him with his killing-blow pistols. With one shot, he gained over three hundred points. And I had thought that he is more of a fluffy choice…

Fels concentrated the missiles of his Crossbows at my Quarrellers, but couldn’t kill all of them – as I had moved the last five or four ones in a wood where the imperial missiles got a -1 to hit – penalty. At last, the Demigriffons and knights attacked, but it was too late to make much effort. The Demigriffons were attacked by the Longbeards – with Strength 6, they had a chance to stand against them (luckily, Fels only brought three of them with him).

The Witch Hunter charged into the Stone Thrower, but was killed by the last standing Dwarf after several rounds of close combat.


After all, both our troop deployments surely were not perfect – while Fels’ musketeers had to move for making room for the Demigriffons, the placement of the dwarven Quarrellers and the Longbeards surely could have been better – but with one Ranger, one Miner unit and the movement of the Anvil, I thought that I wouldn’t have to care too much about deployment.

At the end, we parted with 617 : 791 points, a difference of -174 points in favour of the Empire. So this battle was a well-fought draw. And so the long series of Fels’ victories against me were brought to an end. victory for Fels. Congratulations!


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