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Later Jewish – Painting Progress

Finally, I managed to start painting some of my 15mm Later Jewish from the Hasmonean/Herodian dynasty. One very tight painting weekend added some decent colours to these lads. I avoided the colours green, light red and purple. Green didn’t seem to be an adequate choice, as the bases are all held in a very “sandy” tone (with original sand from the Negev desert, thanks to my sister). Purple and light red were colours I will spare for the commanders and Rabbies, so that they could be identified more easily on the battlefield.

The horses were by far the most fun to paint, for they added a very welcome variety in the model range. I really look forward to paint some banners and musicians.










Sadly, my painting progress was way too slow to complete the army right in time for the Vivat in one week. But on the other hand, I managed to produce some coloured battle groups which begin to look like a proper army. I hope I will be able to finish them until November, when there also will be Rabbies, Standard Bearers, heavy cavalry and much more pike infantry to see, so stay tuned.


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שְׁמַע יִשְׂרָאֵל

Sh’ma Yisrael Adonai Eloheinu Adonai Eḥad – Hear, O Israel: the Lord is our God, the Lord is One

This entry will open a new topic for the blog. While the former blog entries were mostly connected with Warhammer Fantasy related themes, I will also show you the progress of painting and battling with one of my “other” armies and systems, more concrete the Later Jewish from Field of Glory.


The “Later Jewish” Army from the system “Field of Glory” deals with the years from 160 BC to 6 and so contains the story of the Hasmoneans freeing themselves from the Seleucids (to be found in the Maccabean books in the Bible) and later the Herodian dynasty yielding to Rome. Sadly, as there are no Seleucid players in my gaming group, the (historical accurate) battles will me mostly against republican Romans. But on the other hand, as there are several gamers fielding the omnipresent tin cans, there will be no lack of enemies to be fought.

The miniatures are from, a company which sells the proper army deals for the system “Field of Glory”. I have chosen this army for several reasons – I knew that there would be enough Romans in our gaming club, and wanted to play something unique. Carthagians, which would have also been a nice choice, were already played. And the Hasmonean/Maccabean uprising is a really fascinating time and place to be played, with a lot of old monumental Bible movies from the 50’s and 60’s for inspiration.

The army is very light-footed and light-armed, so it would not be easy for my humble spearmen to stand against those heavy Legionnaires. But terrain and numbers will have to make it.


At the 19 October 2013, there will be a big historical event in Katzelsdorf (the same location I mentioned in the entry “Charity tournament 2012”). Several players will present “their” systems and armies and game against each other. There will be medieval related tables as well as Napoleonic or World War 2 games. So this should be enough motivation to finish this project I have left untouched for way too long. Surely, there will be a report about the event (which I’m sure will be gorgeous and really fun to visit) and hopefully, a new painted army in October.


As I can’t leave you without any picture after all this babbling, here are some for showing you the painting progress so far: right below are my first painted Javelinmen, a cheap unit, ideal for troubling the heavier infantry other armies field. But for delivering good work, they desperately need the proper terrain.

After I have finished painting the miniatures, I will add some sand on the bases – my sister was so nice to support me with some original sand from the Negev desert.

Javelinmen 1

Javelinmen 2

And here you can see the Army in its vast glory. As I mentioned before, the Later Jewish more rely on their superior number than armour. Many Spearmen define the core of the infantry, supported by Javelinmen, light Archers and light Cavalry. A fast force surely not to be underestimated.

Back Camera

Back Camera

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