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Asturian Troubadour and Militia

Finally, I was able to finish a painting project. The Asturians would be added to my Christian warband for Saga C+, either as Spanish or Crusaders. Both would be suitable for a force settled in the early Crusades era.


The Troubadour started his life as a Bretonnian Quest knight, by far one of my most beloved models. You have to love his Mandoline. As Troubadour, he was more a side-character for the warband, but one I definitively wanted to add  due to flavour reasons.

Like every good Troubadour, he actually is of french heritage and so carries the coat of arms of the village of Estagell from Occitania. For Saga C+ isn’t a mass system, I will paint every knight his own personal coat of arms, taken from villages of the¬†area of Asturia. Surely, they will not be absolutely historically accurate, as many villages will carry more recent coats of arms, but at least it will get as close as I can get without a serious study in Asturian archives. I try to keep it simple, and so, he Troubadour got a very iconic imagery – the lamb of god carrying his banner.


As for the peasant rabble, it wouldn’t fit to give them individual heraldry, so they would carry the Asturian sigil – the cross of victory – on their shields. I tried to keep a little unification with the use of the colour blue, but at the end, I also like the scratched-together feeling of these lads.

They also started their lives as Bretonnian peasants from Warhammer Fantasy, but now live a second live in the wondrful teritory of historical wargaming. I really hope to finish the warband in this year and also fight a game.


Lovely faces. Sadly, I didn’t realiz that the casting fin on the right guys’ head would look so prominent until it was too late. ūüė¶


The “Dornish peasant”.




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WIP – Asturian Troubadour

Just a little work-in-progress in addition to my Asturian warband for SAGA. I hope to finish the whole group in summer. Matching to the more uniformed warband, this troubadour should share the basic colours of his country, blue and yellow. Perhaps he is a relative of the noble leading the company.

The model itself is a leftover from my Warhammer Bretonnians (like the Bowmen). I love the mandoline and his moustache. Thanks to SAGA, he will play some lovely tunes on the battlefield. Spains answer to Scottish bagpipers, if you will.


To make my¬†whole historical collection a little “darker” than my fantasy miniatures, I used Warplock Bronze instead of a lighter Bronze tone to highlight the silver of his chainmail armour. This should be more apting¬†to that period.

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Saga C+: Priest and Bowmen

Some weeks ago, I finally managed to finish painting at least two units for the next gaming project, Saga: Crescent and Cross. I hope that I will will be able to play a game in summer.

The war band I want to field should be situated in one of the countries which took part in the fights of that era. That left me with the Holy Land and Spain to choose from. First, I thought on using the colours of the nobles of Foix, but then I changed my mind and will try to base their colours on the kingdom of Asturias. Hopefully, it will look the part.


Not directly a unit by himself, but also a vital part of any christian war party, I definitely had to paint a monk. I thought that a Dominican paint scheme would be better suited to Asturias and the beginning Reconquista than a Franciscan monk. Besides, a black/white habit would also give more contrast than a brown robe.


I love the stern but thoughtful look on his face. Sadly, I don’t know which company produced him because I bought the miniature at the last flea market in my club.


The Archers are someof the remnants of my Bretonnian army. I really like both the dirty and shabby look of the newer and the more uniform outfits of the older Bretonnian models. With the lad above, I used the head of an old Chaos champion to add a little grotesque element to the Archers.


The bowman with the hood adds an element of hastily press-ganged recruits to the more militia-looking men. Or he just sweats too much wearing a real helmet in Hiberian climate.


After the massive unit of Archers, I will continue with the halberd men and a further ally for the warband.

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Tank Mass Production with Airbrush

This week, a regular gaming partner was so kind to help me to finish my tanks by airbrushing my whole vehicle collection. In about three hours, he did this great paintjob which added a great improvement to my Flames of War Germans. Thanks, Fels!2015-04-09 22.06.30 2015-04-09 22.06.39 2015-04-09 22.06.55 2015-04-09 22.07.13 2015-04-09 22.07.35 2015-04-09 22.07.42 2015-04-09 22.07.59

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Flames of War – First Pioneer Infantry Base

Finally, I was able to finish at least one “normal” Pioneer Rifle Base. I played a bit with the possibilities the Milliput allowed me by¬†experimenting with the bases, especially adding deep footsteps and a decent “muddiness” to the base.¬†DSC08648 I also¬†want to add certain terrain pieces that are suitable for engineers, such as rusty steel plates lying around. DSC08652 DSC08654 DSC08655 As a whole, I’m content with the final look of the miniatures and the base. Hopefully, I will be able to finish many more bases during this year.

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Flames of War – Scientist Objective

The Mission Objective from the Sturmtiger Box.

2015-03-06 11.01.04

2015-03-06 11.00.33

2015-03-06 11.00.25

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Back to 15 mm’s – Introducing the Pionierkompanie

For Warhammer is about to literally face its End Times and I therefore had no decent motivation¬†for painting Warhammer Miniatures in¬†the near future (although I’ll surely continue, yet don’t know when), I decided to use my painting motivation to at least finish some other paint jobs I have avoided to work on for far too long. I decided to finally give my collection of Flames of War Germans the attention they clearly deserve and to (hopefully) finish to paint¬†at least one company this year.

I will start with my pioneers, then move on with the tanks and eventually will finish with the Fallschirmjäger (parachute light infantry). The pioneers were given the honour to be first mostly because their PDF is free on  the FoW website and their interesting platoon composition with flame-throwers and Goliaths. Also, being engineers, I could add some nice gimmicks like barbed wire, broken infrastructure parts and defoliated trees to the infantry bases.


I started with a Command Pioneer Panzerfaust SMG Team. Sadly, the sand I tried to add to the base was a little… volatile and didn’t want to stay on the spots I wanted him to be. So the sand poured over the whole base which I had not intended.

DSC08580 DSC08581 DSC08583

In this painting project, I changed my usual metal colour from a light bronze to a much darker tone (from¬†Dwarf Bronze to Warplock Bronze from Games Workshop). This had to be because GW doesn’t produce Dwarf Bronze any more.

As usual, I used a combination of GW and Vallejo colours on the models.


I tried to create a “wet look” with adding footsteps and bullet impacts on the base (formed with Milliput).¬†With this, I tried to hide the single miniatures bases in the Milliput mass.

DSC08587 DSC08588

My current paintjob, a mission objective.

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