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Ratskin Ambush

Papa Steve didn’t feel well. For hours, the floor beneath him had been hissing and roaring.

Just two feet under the lurking Delaque Gang, hundreds and hundreds of rats and other even more pestilencious vermin streamed and squeaked through the belly of the underhive. Their cacophonous chorus of squeals and screams made quite a decent song for the ghosts that surrounded them, the old Gang Leader felt. Although not a really pious man, Steve was no fool not to know that the spirits of the underhive were much more than real. At least, real enough to be a threat to everyone not careful enough…


The Scout strolling before him was knocked to his knees. Blood spilled out his chest and pelvis. Several sounds of varying guns echoed from the ceiling. They were trapped! Steve yelled a command to his Gang to cover, but it was too late. Way too late. The only thing he was able to see were several lightnings from other guns pointing at them. He saw Yuri and Anatol going down. And suddenly, a shadow lept from his cover and rushed towards him. He wasn’t even fast enough to pull the trigger of his beloved Bolter gun…


As Papa Steve woke up, he felt an itching pain in his left chest. Under the bloody, soaked tissues presumably Xerxes had wrapped around him, he assumed at least two ribs to be broken from the assaulting mutant. He mumbled a grim curse against all muties and tried to get up. No further use in resting, he thought.

After a while, he was abe to attempt some steps and walk along his tattered mates. As he could perceive, they looked pretty bad – even worse than their usual appearance. The muties had hit them really hard and they had known where it would hurt the most.

They’ve taken our Scout, that dude from Dead End Pass… or was it Glory Hole?…” Sokrates snarled. “Only the Emperor, who protects the righteous ones, or the tunnel rats know what they’ll do to that poor fella. Damn sorry for that, he had a nice plasma pist. They could’ve kept the rest of him“. Steve chuckled. He had always envied the old grim Heavy for his sense of creeping humour, though he held him for a bit too open for that Redemptionist babbling about the Emperor sitting in his throne and protecting mankind and all that stuff. The mere thought of mankind being top-notch of the foodchain, which the frock guys always proclaimed, made Steve sick. Anyone thinking himself to be on top just because he was some form of human had no idea what lurked at the bottom of the hive swamps… Nevertheless, they would need a good portion of old Sokrates’ humour if they had to regroup and fall back to their base.

The other lads also got their share. Oblomov was hit in the chest, yet will be able…“. Steve shut his mind and ears and thought. Sokrates would continue babbling on for quite a while, he knew better than trying to stop his friend. He had to think. Why were they hit so hard by a bunch of underhive muties? How was it possible that one of them attacked four armed Delaque and was still breathing, even sliced his chest? Somehow, they were too many. And too well equipped. Perhaps they raided a Guilder? Nah, that would have been made public by an open mutie hunt. Something else? He had to…

Suddenly, his eyes opened wide, he put his wrist around Socrates’ collar and pulled it to his face. “The entrance!” he yelled in the stupid face of poor Socrates and leaped sideways. Hurling and cursing in all of the underhive dialects he spoke (and Steve thought himself to be a linguist for that matter), he pressed and jumped and raced several storeys deeper into the tunnel systems. Nearly slipping on the last mile, he went to a very specific spot. A spot only he and the two Heavies knew. Or should know. The hidden archeotech camp was a jewel. A place of wonders and treasures. If only…

No, no, no, no, no, Noooooo!” the Ganger yelled as he saw what had happened. Someone had broken the hidden seal that led to the cavern where they had found their beautiful and costly archeotech stuff. Steve sank to his knees. His head did hurt even more than his stomach. No use in crawling inside. He knew that the muties had sacked every valuable inch of that damned hole. They were beaten by their own ancient weapons, he realized. His wrists turned blue by the pressure, as he swore to himself that he would get them. And made them choke on the sweet, sweet archeotech they had stolen today…


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Charity Tournament 2012

Last week, the wargamers of eastern Austria gathered in a charity tournament to collect as much money as possible for supporting an institution which makes researches in cancer, especially for children (the St. Anna Children’s Hospital à

The event contained more than Warhammer, Warmaster, Warmachine and 40k was also played. We were able to play in the rooms of the tin miniature museum (, a place where some players of the area play regularly.

Due to the character (and the purpose) of the event, it was clear that it should be a less competitive sort of tournament, where the goal would not be to overrule and smash the enemy. Thanks to the organisators and the players, the tournament was very funny and enjoyable. For gathering more players than in usual tournaments, two players would face each other in every battle. So, for the first time, “team austrohammer” would enter the battlefields of Lower Austria.


Due to the fact that I wasn’t able to field my dream list of ten Mournfangs, I decided to field my old, beloved Dwarves. Thanks to the very unrestrictive Army Choice, I was able to bring a very tough artillery with me, which would have been banned in most other tournaments.

The Army Lists

Runesmith, General, Shield
+ 1 x Rune of Stone, 2 x Rune of Spellbreaking
– – – > 127 Points

25 Quarrellers, Great Weapons, Musician, Standardbearer
– – – > 340 Points

30 Dwarf Warriors, Great Weapons, Musician, Standardbearer
– – – > 315 Points

+ 1 x Rune of Reloading, 1 x Rune of Burning
– – – > 105 Points

Grudge Thrower
+ 1 x Rune of Accuracy, 2 x Rune of Penetrating
– – – > 155 Points

20 Hammerers, Musician, Standardbearer
– – – > 258 Points

As you can see, the purpose of my half of our army was to shoot everything coming to near. The cannon and the Thrower would be essential to deal with anything our melee units would be too weak to do so. The Quarrellers were simply there to field a second core unit, and I would have preferred a bigger unit of Hammerers. But sadly, due to the Army Restrictions, they were as big as possible.

My partner, a High Elf player, would provide us with the very important melee power (with his White Lions) and a good support in the form of an Eagle and light cavalry.

1 Noble 143.0
Armour of Caledor; Guardian Phoenix; Great Weapon

1 Mage 155.0
Magic Level 2; High Magic; Staff of Solidity

20 Archers 225.0

19 Spear Elves 196.0

19 White Lions 335.0
FCG; Standard of Discipline; Ironcurse Icon

5 Ellyrian Reavers 95.0

1 Repeater Bolt Thrower 100.0

1 Great Eagle 50.0

Game One

The first game and we faced two players I have never played against before. We would have to fight an alliance between High Elves and Bretonnians (could anyone guess a fluff for THIS match-up???). Well, they fielded the obvious strength-five-catapult (if I hadn’t used the same Warmachine, just with the possibility to reroll the artillery dice, I would complain a lot about this piece of artillery…), some knights (flying and mounted) and the obvious White Lions. It promised to be a tough and interesting battle.

Both sides decided to place their armies on the same side of the battlefield. So there would be a tough melee in the middle of the table. I hoped to shoot the bretonnian Thrower with the first or second shot of my cannon. Our opponents started the game with placing the flying Pegasi knights before their battle line, perfect for a charge of my Hammerers. I wondered why they gave us the opportunity of charging their Pegasi knights, but nevertheless, we took the chance and charged with Hammerers and White Lions (on the knights). Meanwhile, both sides laid strength-five-templates at the opponent’s units and reduced them to mere rubble.

The Hammerers broke through the Pegasi knights (obviously), but the White Lions gut stuck in the knights and had to be supported by the Dwarf Warriors. Sadly, we were not able to break the unit. The last member of bretonnian chivalry stood with a double-one on his motivation test. So we didn’t get any points for the melee in the middle of the battlefield. The left flank proofed to be a much tougher place for our eagle and light cavalry than expected. We had hoped to get their artillery by outflanking them with our fast units. But the archers were able to protect their artillery against such attempts.

At the end, we parted with a result of 2:2, which was a little bitter for us, for we had expected a far better outcome due to the heavy losses our opponents had to endure. But anyhow, it was a nice game and well fought.


We even had the possibility to purchase ‘some’ 40k-stuff:

Game Two

Having plundered the grill station, we were ready to face our next opponents. I was surprised that we had to fight one of the highest rated teams at this event, an alliance between Wood Elves and Dwarves (again, I would really like to read a proper and fitting explanation for such a battle) fielded by Martin, a local legend and member of the team which has won the silver medal at the ETC (Dwarves) and Meni, a regular tournament winner (Wood Elves). I was very happy about the Burning Rune on my cannon, for we would need it very badly against the obvious treeman. Sadly, this battle saw a very interesting formula:

Grudge Thrower & Cannon < Cannon

Our artillery proofed to be incompetent (mishits and disability to wound) and was taken out of battle by counterfire. Meanwhile, our melee units were unable to deal with the treeman and the Dryads. We tried to save at least one corner of the battlefield (we played a scenario where every side had to conquer as many quarters of the table as possible), but it wasn’t enough and the outcome was a mere 0:4.

Some impressions from the tournament site:

Game Three

Well, after the second game, with only two points at the moment, the last one should be a little bit more successful. Our opponents fielded a coalition of Skaven and High Elves, containing a Plague Furnace, a Hellpit Abomination, White Lions and many Plague Monks. At least, locating the targets were pretty easy: for this was a scenario where you had to ‘break’ the other army, meaning that you had to conquer enemy standards and kill the enemy general, all we had to do was sitting at the back and shooting. My cannon got the order to shoot the Hellpit Abomination – she didn’t count for the outcome of the game in victory points (as normal victory points were not calculated), but could very serious damage to our troops.

Happily, I managed to shoot the Abomination in the first turn. Having cancelled this threat, both units of White Lions faced each other at the right flank, while the Skaven marched towards us a little bit slower. It came to a big melee with my Hammerers unit containing my General with the Plague Monks and their Plague Furnace. Obviously, the Ratmen had their banner which allowed them to reroll attacks and wounding hits in the first round of battle, so my poor Hammerers suffered severe damage right from the start of this important fight – at this moment, all armies including our High Elves were ‘broken’, so the outcome of the battle laid on the shoulders of my Hammerers – if their banner and the General would fall, I would be ‘broken’ too and we had a 2:2. Gladly, I rolled luckily enough to save at least the Runesmith and we won the battle 3:1. So, it wasn’t that bad at all.

We landed on the second-last place, only our unlucky opponents of the third round (who managed to kill their own magicians with a miscast) scored less.  But hopefully, we will see many of the participants of this tournament on the next events.


All in all, it was quite an astonishing tournament. The site was very nice, the games were fun to play, the catering was good (grilled sausages and chicken) and we were able to play for a good cause. So altogether, I’m looking forward to compete again at the next occasion. Sadly, the Dwarves played a humble and poor part in the battles, but after all, it was for the fun and good cause, so be it 🙂 The High Elves, on the other hand, were an interesting partner. With the White Lions as a frightening melee unit and the Eagle as an excellent unit for frustrating enemy units, they filled the usual gaps of a Dwarf Army – movement and melee skill.

Hope you enjoyed this tournament report. If you have some money left, I would ask you to have a look at the homepage of the St. Anne Children’s hospital ( – it’s definitely worth it!

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Ogres vs. Skaven

Again, this blog entry concerns a battle report with my Ogres. This gathering should be fought against the Elven general from my last battle report, Paricidas. As he told me before our meeting, he would bring his Skaven army instead of his more beloved High Elves. So I had to be troubled with Grey Seers, Hell Pit Abominations and Warp Lightning Cannons. Against Skaven, I always have a very bad battle legacy. Their gimmicks combined with endless troops can withstand enormous amounts of damage, while my Ogres were very few instead. So I went to this battle with not a very bold feeling.

The Ogres

Tyrant, General, LA, Giantbreaker, Sword of Striking, Rock Eye – 255 Pts.
Slaughtermaster, GW, Scroll, Lore of The Great Maw – 285 Pts.
Bruiser, GW, LA, BSB, Banner of Eternal Flame – 151 Pts.

9 Ironguts, M – 397 Pts.
9 Ironguts, M – 397 Pts.
9 Ironguts, M – 397 Pts.

1 Sabretusk – 21 Pts.
1 Sabretusk – 21 Pts.
4 Mournfang Cavalry, HA, Ironfist, M, S – 300 Pts.

Ironblaster – 170 Pts.

Total: 2394

I decided to give the third unit of Ironguts a chance because I mistrusted the Maneaters, due to the reason that they die nearly as soon as normal Ogres. The rest was “normal” stuff, nothing really special.

The Skaven

The Ratmen army contained the following:

Grey Seer, General, Spells of Ruin, Skalm, Staff of Sorcery
Chieftain, BSB
Warlock Engineer, lvl1, Spells of Ruin, Skaven Bomb
Warlock Engineer

40 Clanrats, Shields, M, S
40 Clanrats, Shields, M, S
40 Clanrats, Shields, M, S
40 Skavenslaves, Shields, M
40 Skavenslaves, Shields, M
40 Skavenslaves, Shields, M
5 Giant Rats, 1 Packmaster
5 Giant Rats, 1 Packmaster
5 Giant Rats, 1 Packmaster

12 Gutter Runners, Slings, Poisoned Attacks
40 Plague Monks, M, S, C, Banner of Rerolling Attacks and Wounding

Warp Lightning Cannon

I was glad and surprised that Paricidas didn’t bring the Abomination with him – at least, she is the one threat I cannot ignore. The most serious danger seemed to be the monks, which could have a serious output of damage. The Lightning Cannon was the most important thing the Ironblaster would have to shoot, the Doomwheel close behind.

The battle

I decided to put the units in the centre of the field, to ensure that they could help each other if there was any need for. But with nine Ironguts, they should be able to look for themselves if it was necessary. At last, they faced Clanrats and Slaves, so I was on the side who wanted to get into close combat. With this in mind, I would have to try to rush forward as fast as possible and not be surrounded by diverters.


I made the first mistake right at the beginning of the deployment. I placed the Sabretusks way too near at my other troops – a mistake I’ve already made in the battle before. With the characters, I formed a so-called “bus” in the middle unit of Ironguts.

I got the first turn and moved straight forward. The Ironblaster hit the Lightning Cannon and destroyed her with one single shot. Huzzah! Sadly, the surrounding units didn’t fail their panic tests, but I was very glad with this outcome. The Doomwheel moved forward and shot my right Sabretusk, which caused a panic test for the Mournfangs they didn’t stand (7 without any reroll). Well, my fault. Sadly, the Mournfangs were not able to regroup until they fled from the battlefield.


The rest of the Ogres moved forward as far as possible. Foreseeable, Paricidas placed his small “throw-away” units like the Giant Rat Packs in front of my 300+ point units, so that they either would have to chase them or stand in no-mans-land where they could be attacked. I decided that the big Plague Monk unit in front of the Skaven army would be the only threat to me (especially the nine Ironguts with all heroes in the middle), so that they would have to clear the path. The Ironguts on the right flank “escaped” with a really good charge into a unit of Slaves (the other Slave unit on their flank would not be able to see them for at least one round and henceforth could not attack them, and they were able to commit D3 impact damage per model due to their ramming speed).


Of course, the Plague Monks charged the Ironguts in return. Paricidas decided that now would be the time to use his one-use banner of “I can reroll hits and wounds” (well, it took at least one cigarette break for this decisionJ). Ouch! With this gadget, the Monks clearly overthrew the Ogres, but they were quick enough to flee. The better, my “bus” was ready for a counter charge. With their banner already used and facing a Tyrant with his drinking buddies, the infested rats were no big deal for the Ogres and fled from the battlefield.



Now for the big points! As Paricidas placed all his characters in a unit of Clanrats near to the edge of the battlefield, I knew that I would have to take this unit or could not win the game. The former right Ironguts who were able to eat through the Slave unit charged the Clanrats to pin them down until the big Ironguts with the Tyrant would join the party. But as there is always another rat to take place, the Grey Seer still had enough units in reserve to keep the important enemies away. So the Tyrant unit was charged by Slaves, while the Ironblaster was concerned with his own Skaven units. Surprisingly, the Ogre cannon managed to win against them, but for the Tyrant unit, it was too late to join the important melee. The Ironguts who had charged the Grey Seer unit were charged themselves, while the Prophet of the Horned Rat jumped out of his unit and could save himself. At last, Paricidas gave me his hand and surrendered. He still had the Grey Seer, the Doomwheel and some small Skaven units, while I have lost the Mournfangs, the Sabretusks and one unit of Ironguts at this point.



Well, I would have not guessed to win this battle. Skaven are always a tough opponent, and no matter how many you kill, there are always more rats. I was lucky that my Ironguts could deal so well with his Clanrats and Slaves, while the Tyrant and his unit could charge a unit of battle monks with no supporting banner. Magic did play a decent role in this battle; the Grey Seer could save himself with his shadow jump, while my Slaughtermaster supported the Ogre units with a lot of Regeneration, +1 Wound, +1 Strength spells. I also have to admit that I was really lucky that the Skaven could not damage my heroes more – all three characters took a good volume of damage, especially the Slaughtermaster who could heal himself and so absorbed a lot of damage.

The Doomwheel was a serious threat on the right flank and may have caused a lot more trouble – happily, this didn’t happen. The lucky shot which killed the Lightning cannon in round one should also be mentioned, also the impressive fighting skills of the gunner with his Gnoblar and Rhinox.

It was a funny battle (well, it’s easy to say so if you are on the winning side) and I’m looking forward to our next gathering.

Stay tuned!

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