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ETC 2014 – Last training before Novi Sad

It’s the last day before we travel south to Novi Sad, so it was a great opportunity for a last training battle before it get’s serious.

Spanish Ogres

Firebelly: General, lv1, Great weapon, Crown of Command, Shielding Scroll
Firebelly: lv1, Warrior Bane, Dispel Scroll, Potion of Toughness
Bruiser: BSB, Great weapon, Light Armour, Rune Maw
60 Gnoblars. Musician, Champion
9 Ironguts: FCG, Look-out Gnoblar, Standard of Discipline
3x 1 Sabretusk
9 Leadbelchers: Musician
7 Maneaters: Musician, Light Armour, Poisoned attacks, Sniper, 6x Brace of Ogre Pistols, 1x Great Weapon
2x 1 Ironblaster

Austrian Vampires

Vampire Lord: General, Magic Level 1, Lore of the Vampires, Aura of Dark Majesty, Great Weapon, Talisman of Preservation, Glittering Scales, Scroll of Shielding
Master Necromancer: Magic Level 4, Lore of Death, Obsidian Lodestone, Sceptre of Stability
Necromancer: Magic Level 2, Lore of the Vampires, The Book of Arkhan
Necromancer: Magic Level 1, Lore of the Vampires, Dispel Scroll
Tomb Banshee
Tomb Banshee
2 x 28 Zombies: Standard Bearer, Musician
20 Zombies: Standard Bearer, Musician
36 Skeleton Warriors: FCG, Banner of Swiftness
3 x 5 Dire Wolves
8 Crypt Horrors: Champion
2 Fell Bats
Mortis Engine

An interesting matchup between two seasoned tournament players.



Merlin, planning some cunning moves.



Meni (right) didn’t look that happy.

Due to the fact that one player fielded a different army, he had to prox some models. In the end, he played with an army containing models from seven different races.

Sadly, the Vampire lost the initiative-punishing Sun spell and had to try to outmanoeuvre the Irongut Bus. So it was kind of a one-sided battle.


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