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X-Wing Tournament September 2016

Last Sarurday, I played my second X-Wing tournament in the Viennese local games store called Siren Games. The same location I played my first tournament last year. Well, from a competitive point of view, it was a desaster. I fielded a list I’ve never tested or played before and lacked decent preparation of any kind. So, it was no surprise that I scored last player that day.

At the plus side, I was able to play three kind and helping opponents (I’ve forgotten to bring the range rulers, so I had to borrow) and learned a lot about the game. Torunaments are always a great way to learn if your theories proove in practice, so it was a helpful event.

Unbenannt - Kopie.JPG

The list I fielded consisted of several aspects I wanted to try: the Koiogran tricks of Tetran Cowall, Epsilon Leader and Countess Ryad, and also the manoeuverability of the Shuttle with engine upgrades. So it should be a squad to outmanoeuvre the opponent, right?

Well, kind of. I played three matches against rebels (at least, no mirrormatch against Empire), so a plus side for fluff. The three rebel squads contained:

* Biggs & three Y-Wings with turrets

* Biggs & Ghost with turrets

* Biggs & Wedge Antilles & Wes Janson

I hate turrets with their ability to ignore visibility arcs. The whole concept of manoeuvering gets kind of ridiculed when you don’t have to plan for your moevement in advance and simply keep the opponent out of range one. Worse, your opponent still has to think about his manouevers and your’s too. One of the aspects of X-Wing that should’ve never been published.

The first two games were simple walk-overs by the rebels due to my incapability to deal with those Cannons dealing consistent damage and my severe lack of preparation. Altogether, I managed to kill at least one X-Wing in the last battle, but that also went downhill because I was way too risktaking with landing or bypassing Asteroid fields.

Well, the next tournament surely will have a more satisfying outcome. Actually, I plan to test the old swarm of eight Tie-Fighters during the next weeks, a classic and surely more stable concept.


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Epic X-Wing: Raider vs. Gozanti

To celebrate both Star Wars Day and Tabletop Gamig Day, I and a fellow clubmember of WoW/Keepers in Vienna deciced to play an epic mirrormatch in X-Wing. As both players wanted to field their Imperial forces (well, due to my limitation to the glorious Empire, I didn’t have much of an option this way), we decided that this would be a training match for the brave Imperial navy. Under the watchful eye of Darth Vader, Admiral Chiraneau would have to proof his worth in commanding the Assault Carrier, also knwon as Gozanti.


400 points of Imperial glory. 😀

My fleet contained several units I have also fielded in other battles – around the Gozanti, Cowalls Cowards (mentioned in the last post), a Bomber Squad containing Major Rhymer, Captain Jonus and a Punisher, an unreliable Bounty Hunter and a classic 8-Tie-Swarm supported the main ship. Agent Kallus in his Lambda shuttle would overwatch the outcome of this training battle.


On the other side of the battlefield, a ferocious Raider corvette was flanked by two Decimators, Lord Vader himself (in his private Tie-Advanced) and some smaller vessels (2 Tie-Fighters, a second Tie-Advanced and a Tie-Phantom). Also, Mara Jade was seated in her Shuttle for supervising purposes.


The first two rounds were not really worth mentioning – both parties flew more or less directly towards each other. In round three, things started to get interesting. The combined power of the Tie Swarm and the Bounty Hunter managed to get me rid of one of the Decimators (unfortunately, I suffered three damage to my Tie-Fighters while passing a small asteroid. Stupid, but I absolutely wanted to keep the Tie formation as intact as possible as long as possible). Also, I was able to avoid my Shuttle getting crushed by the Raider, thanks to the Engine Upgrade I spent her.


I bumped my Shuttle into Mara Jades Shuttle, which jumped in return with a 3-turn left over my Shuttle. Very moveable 😉


Thanks to this manoeuvre, I was able to smash the enemies Shuttle with a 2-turn to the right side with my ramming Gozanti. Very satisfying. The Bounty Hunter bumped into one of the Decimators, so the Tie Swarm was able to finish him off. Sadly, I didn’t use the Bomber Squad and the Tie/EO’s of Cowalls Cowards apting to their full potential, so I subsequently missed some very nice possibilities for shooting Torpedos or missiles.


To my personal disappointment, I didn’t see that the Lambda’s  manoeuvre that kept the Shuttle out of the Raiders ramming range also was a limitation for the Bounty hunter in the next turn – due to a very stupid manoeuvre with the ship, the Bounty Hunter saw the tip of his backside reaching over the table edge – perhaps the mercenary piloting the ship decided that killing one Decimator was enough to justify his day’s payment and that it was a proper time to leave the battle :-/


Anyway, both battleships finally pased each other, but didn’t do much harm to each other – instead, it was far more fruitful to engage the smaller vessels. The Raider smashed one of the Ties while advancing, while the Tie/EOs were wasted in their positions – due to some stupid moving decisions of mine, they mostly had no good shooting positions.


Vader proofed to be the most cunning pilot of the battle, as he flew easily in between the Raider and Gozanti. As a little gratification, one of the Tie/EOs shot him down after his glamorous tunnel stunt. 🙂 Sadly, this happened just after the Gozanti burst into flames after a combined gunfire of Raider, Vader, another Tie-Advanced and a Tie-Phantom. The combined attack was so fast, I wasn’t even able to do any repairing attempts with my Repair Droids.

The final count was a not-so close 129:189, a nice victory for the other side. While it looked pretty good at the beginning, some serious and foolish manoeuvre mistakes mounted up and led to this defeat. Both I and my opponent were rather new to the Epic Format, we also forgot some options we could have used (a rather stupid mistake was not to buy Major Rhymer the Push-the-Limit Upgrade – with it, he maybe could have attacked the Raider’s flank with a Advanced Proton Torpedo). Well, next time we’ll know more.

A special thanks and congratulations to my fair and patient opponent. The force truly was with him that day.

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X-Wing tournament prethoughts

As Warhammer Fantasy has endured its screaming and painful death last summer, it was time for a new tabletop tournament system. As my first X-Wing tournament last year was a very entertaining and challenging experience, I’m looking forward to a little tournament happening on May the 1st here in Vienna.

Actually, I’m experimenting with a combination of the manoeuverability of the Tie/EOs, the durance of the Lambda Shuttle and the firepower of the Interceptor. At last, I came to this list:


As you can see, the core concept of this list is the abilty of Epsilon Leader to cancel stress, thus enabling the smaller vessels to focus on a single enemy ship with their skewed Koiogran turns. So, I want this swarm to concentrate and fly together on a smaller field. The Lambda shuttle needs the Engine Upgrade to be able to stay in the game and should be able to block some ships with the Enhanced Scopes.

Tetran Cowall is a favourite of mine due to his ability and his background – even if he is probably dead before the Tie/EO is invented. Also, I think he plays very well together with Epsilon Leader. We’ll see if theory survives the praxis.

Sadly, due to real life, I wasn’t able to playtest as much as I would have liked. So the tournament will be the real test before the next concept shall be tested.

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Epic X-Wing Battle

There are great advantages being in a Wargaming Club. One of those is that you can game with different kinds of gamers, those who enjoy campaigns and others who prefer a more competitive style of play. And many that are between those opposing sides. One of those gamers loves to play “epic” X-Wing battles with ideally more than 400 points on each side. This made it possible for me to field my whole collection of X-Wing ships. And more.

We played with two Imperials against one Rebel, each side containing one really big ship (Tantive vs. Raider). The battle was for the most time in balance; the K-Wings were shot down pretty soon (having exposed themselves too far), while the Tie-Fighters engaged the Tantive in really close combat (two or three of them crashed against the giant ship). The Tie-Bombers and Interceptors engaged the A-, B- and X-Wings in the middle of the battlefield.

2015-12-08 15.10.45

The glorious Imperials

2015-12-08 15.11.02

Massive Rebel Scum

2015-12-08 15.16.11

Tantive Close-Up

2015-12-08 15.16.31

Did anyone say “Swarm”?

2015-12-08 15.57.14

First entanglements

2015-12-08 16.24.47

2015-12-08 17.50.44

The battle in full turmoiil. Note how close Tantive and Raider got.

In the long run, the massive amount of hull points granted an Imperial victory. Also, the fact that the Rebel player had to keep his mind focused  the whole time while the Imperial players could help each other helped too.

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WoW/Keepers – Autumn Flea Market 2015

Yesterday, I organised the second Flea Market in the WoW/Keepers Club. After the rather lonesome experience in Spring (sadly, few visitors), word had spread around and we were able to welcome a lot more people who searched for hobby stuff, being it Tabletop or Pen and Paper. It was also an opportunity for the local community to gather and babble about hobby stuff offline.

Personally, I didn’t bring any stuff this time, but was able to get the Slave 1 and Lambda Shuttle for my X-Wing Squad (for less than half the retail price) and a really cool miniature for a new tabletop project after Warhammer had died so horribly and undignified.

Thanks to all the traders who brought their stuff and made the market a really enjoyable pastime.

Special thanks to ACE, one of the loyal providers – talking to him, I learned about a game called Frostgrave. Seems pretty cool and I’m looking forward to check it.

DSC09601DSC09602 DSC09603 DSC09605 DSC09606 DSC09607

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