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Vienna Gaming Convention 2012

Last wekend, Vienna saw its annual Gaming Festival. It usually takes place in November (to be nicely placed before Christmas) and contains “normal” board games as well as Fantasy games like tabletop, Pen and Paper and LARP roleplay.

My club, the WoW/Keepers, presented themselves with three tables containing the subjects Painting and Gaming. We showed Warhammer as well as Blood Bowl. Although we were pretty few, we were able to present our hobby properly and hopefully addict some of the visitors to Fantasy tabletops.

Our main table with the Club Logo above.

The side table where we presented Blood Bowl.

Our currently best Warhammer player (on the right) showing the Game.

Chaos Warriors, Skaven, Undead and Wood Elves battling.

A lad painting his first miniature!

And of course, we had brought some books to show.

It was a really enjoyable weekend – although it can be wearing to explain the hobby “Tabletop” and the game Blood Bowl to real beginners. But nevertheless, it was a great opportunity to spread the virus. And beside this, it was really nice to see the gleaming in the eyes of people exploring the fun of playing with miniatures and the joy of someone painting his first miniature.

In every beginning, there is a seed of wonder – and maybe, just maybe, we were able to plant the seeed and joy of one of the greatest hobbies in these lads.

For November in Vienna is a very dark, wet and cold issue, we left this gorgeous convention in a very damp atmosphere. But thanks to the hall, we were able to spend the weekend in a cosy and heated building.

If you are in Vienny next November, I recommend you to visit this Festival, as it is definitvely worth it – and if you are not into tabletop gaming (apart from the question why you are reading this Blog), you can see several Role Playing Clubs, LARP groups or play board games. So see you in November!


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