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WoW/Keepers – Autumn Flea Market 2015

Yesterday, I organised the second Flea Market in the WoW/Keepers Club. After the rather lonesome experience in Spring (sadly, few visitors), word had spread around and we were able to welcome a lot more people who searched for hobby stuff, being it Tabletop or Pen and Paper. It was also an opportunity for the local community to gather and babble about hobby stuff offline.

Personally, I didn’t bring any stuff this time, but was able to get the Slave 1 and Lambda Shuttle for my X-Wing Squad (for less than half the retail price) and a really cool miniature for a new tabletop project after Warhammer had died so horribly and undignified.

Thanks to all the traders who brought their stuff and made the market a really enjoyable pastime.

Special thanks to ACE, one of the loyal providers – talking to him, I learned about a game called Frostgrave. Seems pretty cool and I’m looking forward to check it.

DSC09601DSC09602 DSC09603 DSC09605 DSC09606 DSC09607


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WIP – Orc Blood Bowl Team

In spring, my Club organized (finally, after many months) a one-day Blood Bowl tournament. A good reason to get some colour on my minis. Sadly, I was not able to finish them properly, but at least they weren’t totally blank.


It was my first attempt to paint green skin. After the first layer, I had to use much lighter tone to get them decent. The positons were divided by armour (the thickest for the Black Orcs, the lighter for the Blitzers) or rearranging of the limbs. The Thrower is recognizable by his waving hands. When I finish this paint job, I want to colour the bases appropiate to their field position.


DSC09515 DSC09516 DSC09519



The Halfling staff of the team. Which team from Vienna would be complete without a Chef cooking Schnitzel?

As usual, some lads from Hungary turned up and brought some international flair to our otherwise local torurnament. At the end of the day, the Orcs were only able to make a tie and got defeated twice, but were at least not last on the chart.

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