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Tank Mass Production with Airbrush

This week, a regular gaming partner was so kind to help me to finish my tanks by airbrushing my whole vehicle collection. In about three hours, he did this great paintjob which added a great improvement to my Flames of War Germans. Thanks, Fels!2015-04-09 22.06.30 2015-04-09 22.06.39 2015-04-09 22.06.55 2015-04-09 22.07.13 2015-04-09 22.07.35 2015-04-09 22.07.42 2015-04-09 22.07.59


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WoW/Keepers – First Fantasy Flea Market Impressions

Today, my Club opened it’s doors for a fantasy-themed Flea Market. A great variety of fantasy-related stuff was for sale and brought some old and new chaps together for geeky babbling and purchasing new hobby stuff.

Perhaps we will do this again in Autumn, as the marketeers enjoyed the event – and there is a chance that my Club will organize this Flea Market again on a regular basis. Time will tell. 2015-04-04 10.16.29 2015-04-04 10.16.49 2015-04-04 10.16.55 2015-04-04 10.17.22 2015-04-04 10.17.28 2015-04-04 11.23.49

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