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Dwarfebruary – The last Strike of the Anvil

As we Dwarven players finally got our new book this Month, I fielded them one last time in their old edition. A tournament organizer in Carynthia wanted to use the old book, but the protest from some Dwarven players including myself led to a vote that decided that we will not have to use an army book outdated for weeks by that date. Thanks for that and I’m looking forward to a great tournament in Carynthia at the end of March.

So, this was the last chance to use the by all beloved Miner Spam List which uses the automatic movement by the Anvil to create some fun on the battlefield. I will surely miss the old Anvil and the flexibility that came with it. But instead, we will have lots of fun with squadrons of six helicopters and supporting bombers. Or so.

Dwarfes vs. Dark Elves

The Dwarf List

Dwarf Lord, General, GW, Shieldbearers, 1 x Rune of Resistance, 1 x Rune of Stone – 206 Pts.
Runelord, Anvil of Doom, 2 x Rune of Spellbreaking – 365 Pts.
Thane, GW, 1 x Master Rune of Gromril, 1 x Rune of Resistance, BSB – 144 Pts.

28 Longbeards, GW, M, S, C – 389 Pts.
26 Longbeards, GW, M, S, C,┬áRanger Upgrade – 389 Pts.

Cannon 90 Pts.
Cannon 90 Pts.
Stone Thrower, 1 x Rune of Accuracy, 2 x Rune of Penetrating – 155 Pts.

34 Miners, M, S, C – 399 Pts.
6 Miners, C – 76 Pts.
5 Miners 55 Pts.

Gyrocopter 140 Pts.

Total: 2498

As usual, the list should have been as competitive as possible. The artillery was in a limitation pool with the Anvil, so the Organ Gun would have to stay home. Too much possibility for too few shots with just one gun.

The king (as always) is pretty cheap and should just provide the Longbeards with his formidable morale, perhaps consume some damage in melee and survive as a main goal. So I rather see him in a defensive position than causing direct wounds.

As said before, the Miner Spam would ensure some flexibility for me and early stress for the enemy, especially his warmachines. The Gyrocopter was a fancy thing I always avoided (due to his weak cannon and inability of blocking enemy marching routes).

The Dark Elf Player was Smaug, an old Warhammer partner from my Gaming Club (and the Ogre player from the battle report in March 2013). He fielded an unusual, rather new list with a dragon-riding noble, two young sorceresses, a noble riding a dark Pegasus and three units of light cavalry (one of them were these new warlocks). Two Spearthrowers and a middle-sized unit of executioners completed this version of Dark Elves on Speed.

It was pretty clear from the beginning, that he would be able to decide where and when to strike when I didn’t keep the regiments close together, so I used the old, by all beloved tactic of staying in the corner. The executioners, thunderers and bolt throwers were placed in front of my Longbeards, while the dragon and the light riders hid behind the building.



It started with a well-placed hit with the Strength-5 Stonethrower into the executioners (first, I forgot that I could reroll for my warmachine, but thanks to Smaug, he allowed me to reroll when I thought of it. Thanks for that) which caused several deaths and a failed panic test for both the executioners and the thunderers. With just one hit, the Stonethrower caused the whole right flank of the Dark Elves to flee. Perhaps thats why this combination is always in restricting pools…



For the next turn, the dragon and the rest of the army stood behing the building, while the witch in the executioners (who had stopped fleeing right before the end of the battlefield) put some burning spells into my Longbeards. The bolt throwers were taken out by the cannons and the arriving small Miners. The big Miners, who came from my flank, were attaced and eaten by the dragon in about three rounds. He also had luck when a single miner was left in melee and I wasn’t able to target the monster with my cannons.

I couldn’t decide to attack the executioners in melee, but I was lucky to get rid of them by shooting them first with the Stonethrower, blitzing them with the ancient power of the Anvil (for the last time) and then blasting the leftover witch with a shot by the cannon. Lucky me. If I had attacked them with my Longbeards, I would perhaps have not been able to deal enough damage to get them. In the end, it was a undecided battle (with about 30 points in advantage for the Dwarves).


Dark Elves on Speed.




That, my lad, is a dra*chump*.


Dwarves vs. Lizardmen

The second combattant on this evening would be Kokosnuss, an ETC player from last year fielding his Lizards (but he is also the currently best Dwarf player in Austria). After complaining a bit about the battlefield conditions, he brought a Slann and his bodyguards, several units of Teradons, two Stegadons and Salamanders and a massive amount of Skinks of different colour and weaponry.


The Teradons used their forward movement before battle and crushed right into my poor gun line, thus eliminating my possibility of shooting. One Stegadon was taken out by fire, and the unit of Saurus fled across his whole battle line due to a rules failure which we took back after seeing that we had made a mistake.




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Dwarfebruary – Banners

Some banners to add a little diversity in the units of Clan Warriors. I found a very appealing symbol in the cover of the “Warhammer Fantasy Role Playing Game” book about Karak Azgal, the Dragon Krak. Starting with the blue flag, it showed to be pretty rewarding to spend some time painting banners. Especially because they inevitably will be an eye-catcher displayed on the field.


Dwarfebruary - Banners

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10. February 2014 · 13:49

Dwarfebruary – Stone Thrower Crew

As this is the month for Dwarfes, I continued Dwarfebruary with painting these engineer lads who have been waiting far too long for their colours.

I tried to avoid the “darkness”-problem from the Champion in the last post and also stay to the colours of the army, red and blue.







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5. February 2014 · 23:02

Dwarfebruary – Champion

It’s February. Time for Dwarfes.

As the new Dwarf edition is coming it’s way this month, I thought it would be a nice occasion to get some Dwarfes painted. Most of them have waited for years to get their colours,but now is the time to clad them in decent paint. Besides, some old painted miniatures will be repainted to a better, higher standard.

This month starts with a special miniature I had to lay my hands on – a simpla Champion. He can be either a Thain or a mere unit champion. I especially like his pipe (an addiction I occasionally share with him) and his calm, stoic attitude.



While painting, I had to realize that black is not the best of choices for a Champion’s beard. As the beard is such a massive part of the Dwarf, it really darkens the whole tone of the miniature. While that is a lesser problem with regiment infantry, it’s not the best if you want an eyecatcher.

As you can clearly see, the next, more foolish mistake was the choice of colour for his cloak. In combination with the black beard, the whole left side was way too dark and shadowed with this kind of blue. To repair this accident, I had to lighten the whole cloak a little bit up to make it possible to see any difference between his hair and his clothing.


My mobile painting station, with the next miniatures waiting to get their colours.

The Champions backside, lightened up.


Hope you enjoyed the process of painting this fine lad. It took me about one hour to suit up this miniature, time well spent I think. After a long period of abstinence to pencils and inks, finally I enjoyed painting in 28 millimeters again.

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ETC 2013 – The Austrian Video

In August 2013, I was able to film some short flicks while the Austrian Warhammer Team battled it’s way through the European Team Championship in Novi Sad.

After a lot of snipping and reediting, the final cut shows you some impressions from this gorgeous and impressively organized tournament. Hope you enjoy the movie and see you back in Novi Sad this August.

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3. February 2014 · 22:07